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How to force Outlook to spell check emails before sending

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If perfect spelling isn’t your field, professional looking emails can be a minefield. Nobody wants spelling mistakes in their communication, so let Microsoft Outlook help by automatically checking the spelling of emails before sending them.

The best way to deal with spelling mistakes in an email is to not make them at all, and Outlook can help with that goal. The Microsoft Outlook client has a setting that forces the spell check to take place after you click the “Send”

; button. If no errors are found, the email will be sent as normal. If a spelling error is found, Outlook offers you the option to correct it before the email is sent.

To enable this setting, open the Outlook desktop app and click File> Options.


In the E-mail> Compose messages section, select the “Always check spelling before sending” check box.


Click “OK” in the lower right corner to save and close the “Options” panel.


And that’s all there is to it. Now if we click “Send” in an email with a spelling error, Microsoft Outlook will pick it up and give us a chance to change it.

A spelling error noted by the spell checker.

If you see something in the email that the spell check didn’t receive and you want to change it, click Cancel.


This will open a dialog where you can cancel the sending of the email. Click “No” to prevent the email from being sent.


Warning: The spell checker doesn’t pick up the wrong words, only words that aren’t spelled correctly. So if you intended to type “Geek” but typed “Greek” instead, the spell checker won’t pick that up because “Greek” is a correctly spelled word.

This means that the spell checker can only prevent spelling mistakes, not typos. If you want to be absolutely sure that your emails are written correctly, the best way to do this is to proofread them before clicking ‘Send’.

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