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How to get a full body workout with just a skipping rope


Jump rope is a fun and effective workout.

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When I was a child, I remember spending hours jumping rope outdoors. Now even skipping for 5 minutes feels like an eternity. I once did a training class that involved skipping for several minutes between exercises, and I was shocked to discover that it was the most challenging part of the entire circuit. But as challenging as jumping rope is, it's still fun as an adult and a great way to mix up your workouts.

Just ask Wesley Brown, a fitness instructor at Session in New York City. "Skipping rope recruits all the muscles that strengthen your calves, quads and glutes and grip your shoulders, arms and core. And of course, who has no fun swinging the rope?" Brown says.

Since you probably didn't use a skipping rope as a kid, you might be a little rusty on the right form (and yes ̵

1; there's a good way to do it). Below, Brown provides all the tips you need to master skipping rope and how to get the most out of your skipping rope when it comes to using it to get a full body workout.

Before adding skipping rope to your exercise routine, there are a few important things to consider, such as which skipping rope to use and whether you want a simple skipping rope or one with more functions.

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Which skipping rope to buy

According to Brown, it is important to ensure that the rope is long enough to jump comfortably. If you are 5 feet, 3 inches or less, you will need an 8 foot skipping rope and if you are between 5 feet, 3 inches and 5 feet, 9 inches, a 9 foot skipping rope will work for you. If you're taller than 5 feet, 9 inches, a 3 foot skipping rope will give you the length you need to jump comfortably.

"The best advice I can give is to find a high quality resilient rope with the right length and weight for you. This will help you make your jumps successful and save your shins from blows that can occur with short or light ropes, "says Brown.

Smart Jump Ropes

Smart Jump Ropes have sensors that allow you to track your workouts, including your speed and repetitions. They use Bluetooth pairing to connect to your phone to give you data. The specific details depend on the product you choose and the price also varies based on how nice you want the features.

This smart skipping rope is on the cheaper side and for $ 40 you get a Bluetooth skipping rope that keeps track of your training stats, such as how long you have been jumping and how often.

Weighted Skipping Ropes

Weighted Skipping Ropes are another option for improving your skipping rope training with a greater upper body challenge. The extra weight in these jump ropes requires that you put more weight on your upper body muscles than a standard rope. Another advantage of using a weighted jump rope is that you cannot swing the rope or jump so fast, giving you more time to make a good jump.

This slower pace is also good for beginners who want to slow down and focus on form. This costs $ 34 on Amazon and weighs a pound.

Basic Jump Ropes

The most affordable option when it comes to jump rope is to find a basic jump, without any special features. These are your standard skipping ropes as you used as a kid, and they come in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors. This standard skipping rope on Amazon is under $ 10 and is a great choice to get started without spending a lot.

Correct Skipping Rope

Jump Rope seems intuitive, but there are quite a few shaping tips to consider before starting.

  • Take soft hop, not big jumps. Jump rope requires you to leave the ground for half a second. Beginners tend to make explosive jumps that interrupt the flow of twisting the rope. Soft hops, however, provide an inch of space under your feet, giving you plenty of time to repeatedly cross the rope at a constant speed.
  • Let your wrists do the work by twisting the rope. Your elbows and shoulders should almost look like they stay close to your body.
  • Concentrate on the rope cadence and your skill will improve. Your first time with a rope may feel like you have to watch your feet, but find a spot on the wall to keep your eyes on. Once you have an idea of ​​how the rope feels over your head and under your feet, that spot you chose will make the flow more natural.

Basic warm-up and training with skipping rope

If you are just starting out with skipping rope, do it with this warm-up and training for beginners. "Perform a few calf raises and establish your breathing pattern before you start jumping. Keep your body upright and keep your jumps fast and gentle. Stay focused on a spot on the wall to keep the jumps consistent and confident," says Brown.

"A low-load workout may involve jumping gently for 5 to 10 minutes of some lower legs (one stroke per jump), while an intense session may use several minutes of rapid one-minute intervals," says Brown.

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Jump rope workouts are a great form of cardio and challenge multiple muscle groups.

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Try This Full-Body Skipping Rope Circuit Workout

Once you're comfortable with skipping rope, it's time to add some other exercises to make it a full-body workout. Try the workout below, which includes skipping rope with other equipment-free moves you can do at home.

Do 5 rounds of training below with a 30-second rest in between rounds:

  • 100 single-leg skipping rope
  • 50 skipping jacks
  • 50 double-skipping rope
  • 10 star jumps [19659042] How to master the movements:

    • Single unders : A single under is when you pass the rope under your feet only once per jump.
    • Double bottom: A double bottom is when you pass the rope under your feet twice per jump. This requires you to twist the rope quickly and jump higher than for a single bottom. You can do this by using your wrists to twist the rope as fast as possible, not your entire upper body.

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