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How to get Alien Artifacts fast in Fortnite

Which Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 is here, players will have a lot of new things to do, thanks to the many additional content added by Epic Games. This season has an alien theme and to coincide with that, you’ll need to acquire Alien Artifacts, which serve as a form of currency that can be used to customize your Kymera alien. These alien artifacts are not easy to find, although there are a number of methods you can use to obtain them.

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What are alien artifacts?


The newly added Alien Artifacts are a new form of currency used to buy cosmetics for the Kymera alien skin. After purchasing the Battle Pass, players will gain access to a customizable Kymera alien, but the only way to get more styles is to buy them with Alien Artifacts. Most of the lower level options are cheap at around two or three Alien Artifacts, but if you take a quick look at the options, you’ll find that it can cost a lot to get all the styles you want.

The top-level styles cost around 17 Alien Artifacts, so if you want that, you’ll have to work on earning more currency. Below, we’ll go over some methods of earning alien artifacts in Fortnite.

Map of Alien Artifacts


There are two ways to get Alien Artifacts. The easiest way is to visit specific, fixed locations on the map to collect them. Using the map above (thanks, Fortnite.gg), you can see all five locations on the map. Each gives you four, so collecting them all will give you a total of 20. Keep in mind that once you collect one, it disappears so you can only grab them once. It is possible that more will spawn periodically to keep players in stock.

Here’s where to find them all, specifically.

First Alien Artifact Location: Northeast of Believer Beach


You can collect them in any order, but let’s start with the Alien Artifact location northeast of Believer Beach. You’ll find these on the steps of the spire, about halfway up. The spire is close to the coast.

Second Alien Artifact Location: West of Weeping Woods


Next, go to the restaurant west of Weeping Woods. The alien artifact is outside under the roof with the piles of wood.

Third Alien Artifact Location: Center of Map


This one is the easiest to find. It’s right in the middle of the map, floating above the water. This is the purple area that was The Spire in season 6.

Fourth Alien Artifact Location: North of Corny Complex


Then you can go to the area north of Corny Complex, near a grove of trees. The alien artifact is found close to a house.

Location of the fifth alien artifact: Catty Corner


Finally, the last one is at Catty Corner, on the west side on a platform. It’s north of the gas station.

Cosmic Chests


There is another way to get your hands on Alien Artifacts, although this one is less reliable. You can collect alien artifacts from cosmic chests, which appear randomly on the map and only appear in Duos, Trios, and Squads (they don’t appear in Solos). When the cosmic chest appears, you and your team must hit the weak points with your harvesting tools to open it. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for them to spawn.

For this reason, we recommend landing on the small island south of Catty Corner to grab a flying saucer and use it to fly around the area until you find one. Be on the lookout for a glowing purple orb with a chest inside. Because the cosmic chests are small and difficult to spot, we recommend staying closer to the ground, which makes them easier to spot. Once you find one, land next to it and hit the weak points until it bursts open. Keep in mind that it takes multiple hits to burst open, so try to do this with a full team if possible.

You have a chance to get any number of alien artifacts with this method, from two to more than nine. The nice thing about this method is that you can use it continuously to collect Alien Artifacts, assuming you can find Cosmic Chests.

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