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How to get Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers just got his first new character: Kate Bishop. This serves as the first of many characters to be added for free over time to extend the life of the game. Known as Clint Barton’s protégé, better known as Hawkeye, Bishop uses many long-range attacks thanks to her bow. Square Enix has announced that Barton will be added as a playable character at a later date, but for now you can use Kate Bishop for free.

The game does not specifically tell you how to start playing as a bishop, and it is not immediately available. Before you can start playing like this version of Hawkeye, you need to achieve a few goals. In this guide, we̵

7;ll show you everything you need to start playing as the game’s new character. Here’s how to get Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Avengers.

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How do you play as Kate Bishop

Once you fire up the game and download the latest update, you’ll find a new operation in the main menu called Taking AIM. Select this, and you will start a new quest that will eventually unlock Kate Bishop.

After the intro sequence, head to the war table and select the Shield Substation Outpost in the Pacific Northwest.

Go to each mission marker while talking to NPCs in this area, and eventually you’ll be able to restart the war table to start the Masks campaign mission – found again in the Pacific Northwest. Fire it up and you’ll be sent on a mission where you’ll have to defeat a slew of enemies that eventually lead to Bishop. It is recommended to stay around power level 30 for this mission as it gets quite difficult.

Defeat all enemies and follow the objectives until you reach the Lockdown segment where you have to capture different points and defend them against enemies. After this, you will be instructed to ‘run to the hangar’ where you will meet Kate Bishop and fight next to her. Take out the robots in this room and the mission is over.

After that, you’ll unlock Kate Bishop and can start the Young Avenger campaign mission that delves into the character’s backstory.

Keep in mind that Kate Bishop starts at level one and needs to level up just like you did with your other Avengers heroes. Being a version of Hawkeye, it’s no surprise that Bishop excels with a bow and is best used at long range. However, she does have some close-up melee attacks you’ll want to try out as they can be quite effective. From here, make sure to follow all directions until you complete the series of Taking AIM missions. Like the other characters, Bishop has her own challenge card, which will reward you with goodies as you level up.

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