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How to get the Master Sword in BOTW

The Master Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in video game history, and it’s making its triumphant return in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a powerful sword with many advantages that you will definitely want to take advantage of. However, the game doesn’t tell you how to get it, and even if you know where to find it, there are a few steps to take before getting your hands on it.

This particular weapon works differently than anything else in the game and can even be upgraded to become unbreakable. All that and more is covered in this guide. Here’s how to get the Master Sword in Breath of the wilderness.

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Where can you find the Master Sword?

The Master Sword is located at the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest, in the northern part of Hyrule. To get there, you have to travel through the dense Lost Woods. However, you can’t just run through it like you’d expect. Instead, there is a specific path you must follow to reach Korok Forest. If you stray off the path, you will be teleported back to the start, but we’ll show you how to get through it.

Start by heading to the eastern part of the Lost Woods where you will see a path that leads to Korok Forest. You can spawn at the Woodland Tower as it is the closest shrine. At the beginning you will see different flames, so use one to light your flashlight. The puzzle is simple: follow the direction of the flame on your flashlight. You will notice that the wind is blowing it in a certain direction, and what you need to do is follow it. We recommend running 20 feet or so, stopping, evaluating the direction of the flame, and adjusting if necessary.

Make sure you don’t put your torch down or the flame will burn out. Keep following the path by checking the direction of the flame, and you will eventually reach Korok Forest. Once you arrive you’ll unlock a teleport point so you don’t have to run through the forest again. Just warp here if you need to.

What do you need to get the Master Sword?

When you arrive at Korok Forest, you will see the Master Sword in all its glory. It’s in the ground in front of the Great Deku tree and all you have to do is pull it up. But as you would expect, you can’t just walk upstairs and pull it out without meeting the requirements first. To get the sword out, Link must have 13 permanent heart containers (consuming a powerful recipe to get temporary hearts doesn’t count). This basically amounts to completing 40 shrines (or all of the divine beasts and about 24 shrines, or any combination thereof), so check back when you have 13 hearts in total.

Once you’ve done that, walk over to the Master Sword and press A to pull it out, and eventually (after a dramatic sequence), Link will rip it out of the ground. Hoera! You now have the Master Sword!

Can the Master Sword break?

The main reason for getting the Master Sword is that it doesn’t break permanently – unlike most weapons in the game. Instead, it uses a simple charging mechanism. It also has a base damage output of 30, which goes up to 60 when you’re around Guardians (and other enemies like Ganon). You can upgrade Master Sword’s base damage to 40, 50 or 60 by completing the Trial of the Sword as part of The Master Trials DLC, which we’ll cover below.

Upgrading it to damage 60 will make the weapon unbreakable meaning it no longer needs to be recharged. By default, the weapon may not have the absolute best damage output in the game, but since it won’t break down permanently it’s worth purchasing. Plus, it looks cool.

How do you charge the Master Sword?

The only downside to the weapon is that it has to be recharged after it wears out. If you hit anything with the sword – be it an enemy or an object in your environment – the weapon will deteriorate. After sufficient damage, it will “break” completely, but not permanently.

You don’t need to do anything to recharge the device after it wears out. Just wait 10 minutes in game for the device to charge. You can view the Master Sword in your inventory to see how much time is left before you can use it again. Keep in mind that the weapon will not charge until it “breaks”. Some players have wondered if you can charge it while it is still usable, but this is not possible. Wait until it runs out of juice, then it will start charging again. After it’s charged, it’s as good as new – you don’t need to buy or use any items to get it working again.

How do you upgrade the Master Sword?

Upgrading the Master Sword is one of the most difficult tasks in the game. To upgrade the weapon, you must complete multiple stages of the Trial of the Sword challenge, which consists of round battles against waves of enemies. The Trial of the Sword Challenge is only available if you have the Master Trials DLC (which can be purchased with the game’s Season Pass).

The reason this challenge is so difficult is that Link starts with nothing: no healing items, armor, weapons or gear. As you complete each wave, you can pick up items and carry them to subsequent rounds, so you’ll want to use your equipment carefully and sparingly. There are 23 floors in total, with three checkpoints throughout the challenge.

There are no save points between rounds, but if you get through certain floors you can start from there instead of at the beginning of the entire challenge. The stages come in three sets: beginner, middle and final. Here are the rewards for each set of trials:

  • Beginner (floors one to 12): Master Sword Damage 40
  • Middle (floors 13 to 16): Master Sword Damage 50
  • Last (floors 17 to 23): Master Sword damages 60 and uncharges

To start the Trial of Sword challenge, speak to the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest (after purchasing the DLC). The tree will tell you that you can upgrade the sword by completing round-based trials, which is much more difficult than it sounds.

The previous floors are not too difficult, so you have to use them to collect as many supplies as possible. Do your best to take out every wave without getting hit so you can save your healing items for the harder floors later. It is also recommended that you pick up any weapon dropped by your enemies as you will need all the supplies you can get for the later stages. It’s best to provoke enemies to face them one-on-one rather than multiple enemies at once.

Every now and then, you will come across a safe level, with many cooking supplies to stock up with healing items. Use these levels to take a breather and make sure to grab everything you can so you’re well rested. Remember, if you die, you reboot at the start of the last checkpoint (one, 13, or 17, depending on how far you’ve come).

Once you complete the 23rd floor you will be rewarded with a maximum level Master Sword, capped at 60 damage, along with a nice new beam attack – and you no longer need to recharge it. This challenge is absolutely difficult, but it is worth it because the benefits are so great.

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