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How to Hear a Weather Forecast with Your Alarm on Android

Google weather clock icon

There are thousands of weather apps on every platform that can quickly share your location’s upcoming weather forecast. If you check the weather first in the morning, you can use the Google Clock app to hear the weather forecast with your alarm.

This function is possible with the Google Clock app on Android and Google Assistant. When your alarm goes off, it triggers a routine that announces the day̵

7;s weather forecast.

To get started, open the Clock app on your Android smartphone or tablet and tap the “+” button to set an alarm.

tap the big plus icon

Then choose the time for your alarm to go off and tap ‘OK’.

choose a time and tap OK

With the selected time, there are a few additional options for the alarm. You can choose which days to repeat, choose an alarm sound, and so on. We’re looking for the ‘+’ button next to ‘Google Assistant Routine’.

add a Google Assistant routine

The Google Assistant Routine creation screen opens with a few presets. The first is “Tell me about the weather,” which is exactly what we want.

google assistant routine

You also see a few others below. To remove any of these actions or change the order in which they are recited, tap the pencil icon.

tap the pencil icon to edit the actions

Now you can delete an action by tapping the trash can icon or grabbing the handles to rearrange the steps. Select “Done” when you are done.

delete or move actions and tap done

Tap “Save” to confirm the routine.

save the routine

Finally, a pop-up message will ask if you want the Google Assistant to perform these actions while the screen is locked. Tap on ‘Allow’.

allow on the lock screen

The previously grayed out “Google Assistant Routine” is now enabled. If you want to remove the routine from your alarm, just tap the “-” button.

how to disable the routine

You’re done! The weather forecast for the day will now be recited after your alarm goes off. You no longer need to check your clear phone screen in the morning.

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