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How to Host a Spotify Group Listening Party on Discord

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With Discord you can organize a virtual listening party by streaming your favorite songs to your friends with Spotify Premium and the “Listen in” feature. Here’s how to set it up.

While Spotify’s group session feature also lets you listen to music with friends, you can̵

7;t chat with them and you’re limited to only five friends at a time. On Discord, chatting while listening is a breeze.

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First, connect your Spotify account to Discord

Spotify Premium users can link the service to Discord and display the music they are listening to in their Discord status. To do this, launch the Discord app on your PC or Mac. Then select the gear icon next to your Discord username in the bottom right corner.


When your settings screen appears, select the “Connections” option from the sidebar.


In “Connections”, click the Spotify icon.


Discord opens Spotify in a new browser window for you to sign in with your account information. After signing in, you will see confirmation of your Spotify account connected to Discord.

Spotify is connected with Discord confirmation.

Switch to the Discord app. In the ‘Connections’ section, find your connected Spotify account and turn on the switch for ‘View by profile’. Then press the Escape key to close the “User Settings” page.

Turn it on

After this, whenever you stream music from Spotify, your Discord profile will show the status “Listening to Spotify” on all servers you have created and joined.

Create and host a Spotify Group Listening Party on Discord

Now that you’ve linked Spotify to Discord, you can create a new Discord server or use an existing one to host a listening party with Spotify. After that, you need to invite friends to Discord and join your server.

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To get started, open the Spotify app on your computer or phone and play any song. Then go to the music party server in the Discord app. When you see a green play icon on the plus button, you are ready to start the listening party.

Notice the green play button on the plus icon in the Discord-Server text box.

Click the plus button and choose the option to invite the channel to listen to Spotify.

Invite the server to listen in on any disagreement

Note: Only Spotify Premium account users can participate and use the “Listen In” feature. Otherwise, they will get an error and will not be able to play the songs.

When the “Listen In With Invitation” window opens, enter an additional comment if desired or click the “Send Invitation” button.


This invite link is dynamic and the song titles will keep changing as long as you play the music.

An example of the Discord invite link.

That is it. You will see the profile icons in the invite box when your friends join the stream. After that, you can manually change the songs or playlists to get the party started. Lots of fun!

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