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How to Increase the Rank of Adventures in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is miHoYo’s first open-world fantasy game. You enter the world of Teyvat, where gods rule and everyone lives on their whims. You are twins and were traveling with your sibling and exploring the world. Unfortunately, the two of you are separated by an unknown god. You will have to explore the world and meddle in the affairs of other nations, gods and the world to find your lost sibling.

Although it may seem quite simple, you cannot travel right away. At least, not without upgrading your Adventure Rank a bit. Upgrading your Adventure rank is a necessary part of the game, especially since every time you improve your rank, you unlock new quests and challenges and increase your world level. As you increase your world level, you will face stronger enemies, but you will also receive rarer and better rewards. There are quite a few ways to increase your Adventure Rank. Here are a few ideas to try!

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Adventure rank in Genshin impact

genshin impact

There are a few ways you can increase your Adventure Rank. You can decide which route to take to upgrade, but as long as you improve your rank, you can see more of the world than before. The Adventure Rank is a global level shared with all characters in your group. It is a stat that allows you to unlock new activities, world levels, quests and Abyssal domains. To improve your position, you need to focus on a few different things.

Story Missions and Archon

The best things to complete to increase your rank are story missions and Archon. While some of these items are locked behind certain levels, they are the best things to increase your Adventure Rank. These are essentially the main story quests. It makes them a little easier to find in the game.

Each story quest will be different depending on the character you are focusing on. From now on, each character has only one story quest. You can check and see which mission you are on by opening the search menu.

Daily commissions

Once you reach level 10, you can unlock daily commissions. Every day you will be offered four different mini missions, which will reward you with XP and some resources. These commissions are quite simple and most of them involve going to a location and killing enemies. You should be able to turn these daily commissions off pretty quickly. Additionally, if you do them regularly and claim the bonuses for all four daily, your Adventure Rank will slowly but surely increase.

Daily Commissions are a great way to increase your Adventure Rank without investing a lot of time. Once you reach level 10, go to the Adventurer’s Guild to collect commissions. After speaking to Katheryne in Mondstadt, you will get the Adventurer handbook with commissions on the second tab. Every daily commission is spread across the card, so you’ll have to travel quite a bit. Hopefully you’ve unlocked a few Teleport Waypoints so you can quickly travel to wherever you want.

Side missions and world missions

In addition to the storyline missions, completing side missions and world missions is a great way to improve your adventure rank. These missions are considerably shorter and don’t bring out the story, but they do add some depth to the world. It’s also the perfect time to explore the open world, discover new locations and unlock Teleport Waypoints.

This is undoubtedly one of the more fun ways to improve your Adventure Rank. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these missions take longer than daily commissions or boss killing. They’re also not repeatable, so you’re more likely to run out of them if you just focus on these quests. You will, on the other hand, get much more interesting tasks and stories from these quests. It really depends on what you want to get out of the game. If you want more story then focusing on these quests is a great way to go!

Boss is hunting

If you’re tired of searching and commissions, why not try looking for the next boss on your list? If you view the Bosses tab in the Adventurer Handbook, you can choose any boss that grants Adventure EXP. Taking out one of the two Ley Line Outcrop bosses in Mondstadt and the surrounding area is the perfect route for new players to try. This boss has a low level and if you defeat them you will get 100 Adventure EXP. More advanced players can watch Elite Bosses for 200 EXP or Weekly Bosses for 300 EXP.

What makes boss hunting so different from previous methods of increasing Adventure Rank is that bosses are repeatable. As long as you have enough original resin, you should be able to take on these bosses again to get more Adventure EXP. Some bosses only need 20 original resin and will respawn nearby, while a few others require 120. However, the reward for replaying these old bosses may be worth it as some will reward 600 Adventure EXP.

Delete temples and domains

Genshin Impact

Part of being an adventurer is making sure that dangerous places are cleared out. Completing domains and clearing temples is another great way to increase the rank of adventures. How much Adventure EXP you get depends on each individual domain, but you can always check your Adventurer Handbook ahead of time.

There are a few one-time domains you can find, which will be unlocked once you reach level 12. Their rewards range from 200 to 500 Adventure EXP, but you only get this reward once. There are also a few repeatable domains worth checking out further on. Once you reach level 16 you will have access to Cecilia Garden, a repeatable domain. You can potentially get up to 100 Adventure EXP with every run of this domain you complete. It may take a lot more time than some other tasks, but you will get plenty of other rewards to make it worth your time.

However, remember that domains and temples are actually locked behind level progression. You will not be able to access some areas until you have reached a certain level, but these missions are shorter than Archon missions and can really boost your level. To find them, look at your map and look at the blue diamonds. However, you may have to complete a nearby puzzle before you can open them. You also need some original resin to claim the temple rewards.

Adventurer Handbook experience

The Adventurer Handbook is a crucial part of the game, especially if you want to increase your Adventure Rank. You can complete a few experience tasks from the handbook to increase your Adventure Rank, but these things can only be completed once. While that part is a bit of a shame, the plus side is that the Adventure EXP rewards are pretty big and don’t take a lot of time to complete.

Completing experience quests will get you 100 Adventure EXP each time. By completing the first three, you get nearly 2000 Adventure EXP straight out of the gate. The tasks themselves are simple and most people complete them without noticing. They are quite natural to the game itself.

Each of these tasks will be divided into different chapters. You can move to the next chapter when all the tasks from the previous chapter have been completed. As you progress through the chapters, the number of tasks and the amount of Adventure EXP you can get will increase.

Get out and explore

There is of course another fun but also time consuming way to level up: explore! The world of Genshin Impact is open for everyone to look around and see what it has to offer. There are teleport waypoints, statues of the seven, chests and domains that can be discovered. And of course you will be rewarded with a small amount of Adventure EXP for each discovery. If you want to check out the beautiful world and don’t mind investing some time in it, this is the perfect way to level up.

While traveling, also make sure to search the world for Anemoculus or Geoculus orbs. These items can be offered to the Statues of the Seven, and you will be rewarded with a lot of Adventure EXP. However, keep in mind that this can only be done once and can take a lot of time.

Adventure Rank Rewards

Every time you level up, go back to the Adventurer’s Stand. The Adventurer’s Stand gives you a small Mona and resource rewards for each time you level up. At rank 5 and 10 you get 10 Acquaint Fates. This will give you enough Acquaint Fates for an entire pack of whatever banner you want to pull. They are also great for strengthening your team without spending real money.

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