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How to Increase Your Street Credits in Cyberpunk 2077

In addition to a traditional leveling system, Cyberpunk 2077 characters have a different stat known as Street Cred.

Your base level speaks for itself – you will earn XP for performing certain actions, such as taking out enemies, completing quests, etc., allowing you to unlock new skills and abilities. On the other hand, Street Cred is all about how you are seen in the eyes of the residents of Night City. There are some things you just can’t do without a high enough Street Cred. If you only focus on increasing your primary level with XP, you will run into annoying barriers and obstacles that you would rather avoid. Here’s everything you need to know about Street Cred and how to increase it Cyberpunk 2077.

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What is Street Cred and why do you need it?

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Street Cred primarily acts as your reputation level. The leveling won̵

7;t do anything directly for your character’s actual base stats or skills, but if it falls too far behind, you’ll suffer. Luckily, it’s not hard to earn Street Cred while playing naturally, but you should do your best if you want to boost it for a specific purpose.

There are several elements in the game that are unlocked when your Street Cred increases. Some salespeople won’t give you the time of day – or night – if your reputation isn’t high enough. Others allow you to shop but hold onto certain items until you get that credit. The same can be said for side missions. The higher your Street Cred, the more side jobs, such as gigs, you will get. These missions are generally higher level, with better rewards to match. But the main reason to make sure you’re known all over Night City is because of the gear required. Certain equipment has a Street Cred minimum instead of a tier limit. No one wants to stumble across a great piece of loot to be told they aren’t cool enough to use it, so don’t wait too long to keep your Street Cred up.

Ways to Increase Street Cred

Street Cred, XP, and money all go hand in hand Cyberpunk 2077. There’s almost nothing you can do in the game that doesn’t get you at least two if not all three at once. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain tasks that you should prioritize when trying to improve your reputation.

Do your gigs and side missions

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Main and side missions all give you Street Cred when you complete them. If you follow the critical path, you will get enough Street Cred to get by, but not enough to access the best stuff in the game. Performances will be your best and fastest source for Street Cred in Night City. Appearances are exactly what they sound like – a task given to you by a specific character known as a Fixer to get a job done. You should start these gigs as early as possible, and do them often. They’re usually simple – taking out an NPC, posting a tracker, escort missions – but they’ll pay enough Street Cred for your time (plus some cash). The more you do and the higher your Street Cred, the higher you can play for even higher amounts of rewards.

Side missions are a bit more involved. They can be self-contained, multi-part stories that match the quality of the main quest in writing and overall quality. That alone should be enough stimulating to tackle them and get fully immersed in Night City, but the extra Street Cred you earn is a nice bonus too. One thing to keep in mind for gigs as well as traditional side quests is that you can fail them. If you are unable to complete any task – or, in some cases, even choose the wrong dialogue option – you may fail the gig or side quest and end up empty-handed.

Become a member of the NCPD

Less onerous than side missions or even gigs, there are the myriad of NCPD tasks you can perform all over town. These are usually quick and simple goals with no real story. For example, Assault in Progress is a very common attack where you just go to a location, take down a group of enemies, and maybe collect some evidence. A few have multiple parts, but even those only take a minute or two. Make sure to complete the mission in full to receive the rewards. There’s no point in doing all the dirty work, just not getting paid for not taking the evidence when you’re done.

Dress for success

Cyberpunk 2077 romance NPC relationship heterosexual homosexual trans fluid identity CD Projekt Red

Let’s face it, Street Cred is half about how you look, just like how you act. Although it doesn’t quite work out to be equal Cyberpunk 2077How you present yourself can give you a nice little bonus to your reputation. Most of the cosmetic clothing options that you can find, buy, and loot in the game come with some passive stats, including Street Cred. For example, if you wear the right outfit, you can get a bonus for how much Street Cred you earn for every kill. If you’re a more ruthless killer player, this can get you a ton of extra Street Cred very quickly.

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