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How to install (and remove) font files on Windows 10

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Windows 10 comes with a lot of fonts installed automatically, but if you’re into graphic design you may want to install more. Alternatively, you may have problematic fonts that you need to get rid of. Here’s how to install or remove fonts in File Explorer.

Install fonts with File Explorer

On Windows 1

0, you can install fonts in the formats TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), or PostScript Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm). If you have font files that you want to install, browse to their location in File Explorer.

To install a font file, right-click the font file in File Explorer and select ‘Install’ (to install it for your user account only) or ‘Install for all users’ (to install it system wide) from the menu that appears.

Tip: If you’ve downloaded a font file and don’t see the “Install” option, the file may be in an archive, such as a ZIP file. You must extract the contents of the archive to install it.

Right-click on the font file and select

After clicking “Install”, you will see a small pop-up window with the installation progress.

Basically, if you install the font for all users, Windows will copy the file you just selected to C:WindowsFonts, the system fonts folder.

Install fonts in Windows 10.

After that, your new font will be available for use.

Alternatively, to install a system-wide font, you can also open C:WindowsFonts and drag the font file you want to install directly into that folder.

Delete fonts with File Explorer

It is also easy to delete or delete fonts in Windows 10 using File Explorer. First, navigate to the Windows Fonts folder. To get there quickly, open an Explorer window and paste the path C:WindowsFonts in the address bar at the top of the window and press Enter.

Once it opens, find the font you want to delete in the folder. Select the font file you want to delete and click the “Delete” button in the toolbar. (You can also right-click the font file and select “Delete” from the menu.)

Warning: Before deleting a font, make absolutely sure you want to delete it. Once deleted, the font file doesn’t go in the Recycle Bin – it disappears forever.

To delete a font, select it from the list and click

Windows will open a confirmation window asking if you are sure. Click on ‘Yes’.


The font is deleted. Repeat these steps with any other font you want to remove. Be careful not to delete anything important.

Another way to manage fonts

If you are not comfortable with fonts in File Explorer, it is also possible to manage Windows 10 fonts from Settings. Just open Settings and go to Personalization> Fonts. There you can also view, manage, install, and remove fonts. Lots of fun!

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