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How to Make Your & # 39; Animal Crossing & # 39; can get

We may not be able to hang out with friends personally during mandatory closure or self-quarantine, but we certainly can in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". Taking photos with the new NookPhone feels almost as personal as taking real-life selfies, so of course we want those memories to stay on our real phones too. In pure Nintendo form, however, it is not easy.

The first thing to understand here is that the photos you take with your NookPhone are not really photos & # 39; s & # 39; they are screenshots. It's like using the screenshot button on your controller, only with the NookPhone you can frame your recording, add filters and everything else. But since they're technically screenshots, they don't save to a photo library ̵

1; they save to the screenshot library on your Switch.

If you've never tried moving a screenshot from a Nintendo Switch to an iPhone or Android phone before, consider yourself happy. Without help, it is enough to let your hair out. Something that should be simple and straightforward is complicated and much more difficult than it should be – but not impossible.

Method 1: Private Sharing to Social Media First

To do this, you must have a Facebook or Twitter account. If you don't have one, you can create one or skip to method 2 if you have a microSD card connected to your switch.

To start, open "Album" in the switch home screen. Then choose a photo from your library to share with your phone. Now tap the A button for & # 39; Edit & Post & # 39; and then select & # 39; Post & # 39 ;.

If you want to post multiple photos just select "Place Batch" once and then choose up to three other images to accompany your first selection. If you are satisfied, choose & # 39; Post & # 39 ;.

Your switch will now open the first social post page. Here you can choose to post to a Facebook account or a Twitter account. It doesn't matter which one you choose, although we recommend most people to Facebook because you can decide to make all of your Switch uploads private. You can't do that for Twitter, so unless you link a private, untracked Twitter account, your posts will be visible to anyone who has access to your tweets.

I'm going to connect here via Facebook because I don't want other people to share my "Animal Crossing: See New Horizons photos as I transfer them to my phone. Aside from the post visibility setting, the instructions will be largely the same if you decide to choose Twitter.

Select "Facebook" and follow the login instructions on the screen. Keep "Link Account" checked if you want to stay logged in for future posts.

The only super vital piece to watch out for is the message visibility section. Here make sure to change your visibility from the default & # 39; Friends & # 39; in & # 39; Just me & # 39 ;. That way, your messages will not be seen by anyone else. Once you've done that, continue to set up until you get to the message screen.

Now Tap & # 39; Posting on Facebook & # 39 ;. You don't need to add any text unless you want to make a real Facebook post.

Now open your phone and go to your Facebook page then view your newly uploaded photo or photos of Animal Crossing. You can easily save these photos to your device as you would and then view and share them as you like!

Method 2: First transfer to an SD card

If you are not using a microSD card with your Switch yet, now is a good time to try it out as microSD cards are cheaper than ever and between devices.

If you use a microSD card in your Switch, you can just take it out and connect it to your phone to transfer the files. Of course, those files need to be stored on your microSD, not in the Switch's internal system memory so that your phone can retrieve your photos.

If your screenshots were all taken after you have inserted your microSD card, you should be all set. The switch's operating system defaults to the microSD card for saved images, so all screenshots should line up. However, it's easy to check where a screenshot is currently saved, and it's just as easy to move it to your microSD if necessary.

Check and manage the save location for screenshots

First select the screenshot you want to share, then press the A button for & # 39; Edit & Post & # 39 ;. Here, top left, you can see the location where the image is saved. If you & # 39; microSD & # 39; you are all set. However, if you see "System Memory", you need to copy it to your microSD before continuing.

To do this, just select "Copy". The Switch asks if you want to copy the system memory image to your microSD card. Select "Copy" again to continue, tap "OK" in the confirmation popup and return to the album. You should see your new microSD copy right next to the original system memory.

Transfer Files from microSD Card to Your Phone

If You Have a phone that supports microSD cards, it's a piece of cake; just insert the card and use your file manager to move the photos.

For other phones (like any iPhone ever), you need a way to connect the microSD card to your device. The easiest way is with a card reader with a Lightning, USB-C or Micro-USB connector. That way you only need one thing.

If you already have one but it only reads full size SD cards like Apple's Lightning to SD card reader then you need microSD to SD card adapter to it to use. If you purchased a microSD card for your Switch, it may still come with an adapter.

For old card readers that only connect via USB Type-A, you need a USB-A adapter that fits whatever connector your phone uses. For example, if you have the Lightning to USB camera adapter from Apple, you can connect the Lightning end to your phone and then use the USB-A port on the other end to connect your reader.

There are plenty of options out there, so find the reader / adapter that's right for you. Once you have one just plug it into your phone and use the phone's file manager to transfer the images. On an iPhone, you must have at least iOS 9 to transfer files through the Photos app. On Android devices, there aren't many phones that you can't do it with.

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Cover image and screenshots of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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