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How to master notifications on your iPhone

  App Notification Management Screen on iPhone
Khamosh Pathak

The iPhone is a notification machine. Unchecked, it will ping you all day long about every little thing of every single app. It's time to take control and master iPhone notifications once and for all.

Disable Annoying App Notifications

The best time to take action on an app that sends you annoying notifications is the exact time you get one. If you are using iOS 1

2 and above, you can now turn off notifications for an app without going to the Settings app.

From the Notification Center, swipe a notification to the left and tap the "Manage" button. [19659006]   Tap Manage from notification options

Tap the "Disable …" button here. That is it. No more notifications from the app.

 Tap Disable to disable notifications

If you want to disable notifications for an app that hasn't sent you a notification yet, you have to launch the "Settings" app and then tap the option "Notifications". From there, select the appropriate app.

Now tap the switch next to the "Allow Notifications" option. Immediately, all incoming notifications from the app will be stopped and you will not see any notification indicator on the app badge either.

 Tap the switch next to Allow Notifications

If you only want to disable certain parts of the notification, such as banners or alerts, you can do this from the "Alerts" section .

 Customize the Notification for the App

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Deliver Notifications Calmly

Apple & # 39; s Feature Quiet delivery is a boon for notification management that was first introduced in iOS 12. When you swipe left on a notification in the Notification Center and tap the "Manage" button, you will see a "Silent Delivery" option.

 Tap Silent Delivery

When you tap it, notifications from the given app go into silent mode. They will still be visited when you open Notification Center, but they will not appear on the lock screen and they will not buzz you either.

You can disable the feature by going back to the manage notification screen. and tap the "Prominent Delivery" option.

 Tap Deliver Prominent

You can also go to the Notifications section in Settings, choose the app and then turn on all alerts again

View sample notifications without unlocking

If you have an iPhone Using X device with Face ID, you may have noticed that all notifications are hidden until you unlock your device. That can be a bit annoying if you just want to look at notifications and you don't see a big privacy risk by not hiding notifications on the lock screen.

You can enable lock screen notification previews by going to Settings> Notifications> Show previews. Switch to the "Always" option here.

 Choose Always from option Show Previews for Notifications

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Judiciously Use Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone helps you allow notifications for a specific period of time, giving you peace of mind. You can schedule Do Not Disturb to turn on automatically at night, or you can turn it on manually for some time.

Go to the "Settings" app and choose the "Do Not Disturb" option. If you just want to enable the feature for the time being, tap the switch next to the 'Do Not Disturb' option.

You can also click the switch next to & # 39; Planned & # 39; tap to schedule this. Choose the timing "From" and "On" and leave the rest to your iPhone.

Alternatively, you can open the Control Center and touch the "Do Not Disturb" icon (crescent icon) to view contextual options. Here you can choose to enable Do Not Disturb mode for just an hour, until tonight or until you leave the current location.

 Choose the Do Not Disturb Timing in the pop-up

Consider always keeping your phone in silent mode

 Banner with silent mode enabled

The Partially enabling silent mode on your iPhone is something not everyone will be able to do. But if your work doesn't depend on answering every call or message immediately, you should seriously consider keeping your iPhone in silent mode all the time. This becomes easier if you own an Apple Watch (which notifies you of notifications by gently tapping your wrist).

When you tap the "Ringer Switch" on the left side of the iPhone and activate silent mode, your life becomes very blissful. Although your iPhone still vibrates (you can even change this via Settings), it doesn't make any sound.

You can keep checking your iPhone every hour or so to see what's new or if you missed something important.

Enable Emergency Bypass so that family can always reach you

 Enable the switch to enable Emergency Bypass for a contact

Do not disturb mode in combination with Silent mode is indeed blissful, but can sometimes be quite deadly. At this time, Apple does not offer detailed controls for Do Not Disturb mode. It's not possible to say that when you receive notifications from a particular app, you should always make a sound.

But there is an exception and that is for phone calls and messages. You can use the emergency bypass function. Once enabled for a contact, your iPhone will ring and vibrate whether your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode.

You must enable emergency bypass for your relatives, significant other or best friends. To do this, open the "Contacts" app or the Phone app and navigate to a contact.

Tap the "Edit" button here and select the "Ringtone" option. At the top of the menu, tap the switch next to "Emergency Bypass" to activate the function.

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Enable LED Flash for Visual Feedback

 Tap to Enable LED Flash for Alerts

Your iPhone has an accessibility option that makes it easier to see when you receive a call or a notification. The LED flash pulses the LED flash on the back of your iPhone. This way you can see when you have a new notification even if you can't feel the vibration of your iPhone when it is in silent mode.

To enable this feature, go to Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual. Here tap the switch next to the "LED flash for alerts" option and make sure that the "Flash when silent" option is also selected.

Once you have configured the notifications on your iPhone, it is time to configure the settings.

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