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How to only allow administrators to send a message in a WhatsApp group

Only allow admins to send messages in a WhatsApp group

Messages for important announcements can often get lost in a busy WhatsApp group, especially when everyone is typing at the same time. But if you̵

7;re an administrator, here’s how to pause public chatter by limiting the ability to send messages to yourself.

Launch the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone, tablet or iPhone and go to your group chat from the “Chats” tab.

Visit WhatsApp group chat

Tap the group name at the top of the conversation to view the profile page.

Visit the WhatsApp group profile

Scroll down and select ‘Group Settings’.

Visit the group settings on WhatsApp

Tap on ‘Send messages’.

Control who can send messages in a WhatsApp group

Switch to the “Only Admins” option. Select the “OK” button to save the new setting.

Select the Admins only setting for WhatsApp group messages

Now only the admins have the right to send a message in your WhatsApp group chat. The rest of the members’ access is downgraded to read-only.

Once you update this preference, WhatsApp will add a warning message to the group conversation to notify the participants of the change. For members, the usual compose text field at the bottom is also replaced with a hard note that says “Only admins can send messages.” However, the group’s message history is not affected.

Limit messaging in a WhatsApp group to administrators

To go back to the previous status of the group chat, you must return to the “Group Settings” menu and switch back to “All Participants”.

Select the setting All participants for WhatsApp group messages

Since administrators are in control of this group setting, you can even toggle back and forth between the two choices. If you want to share information you need to make sure everyone reads it, you can turn public posts off and back on later.

On the other hand, if you’re just tired of your phone buzzing constantly due to a chatty group, consider turning off WhatsApp group notifications or mute a chat indefinitely.

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