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How to open 2 apps on each phone at the same time with Android split screen mode «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Now that the screens of phones are getting closer to seven inches, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Android's split screen mode. Available since Android 7.0 Nougat, this feature allows you to divide the screen into two halves, with a different app on each side.

While Picture-in-Picture mode sharpens functionality by allowing you to view videos in a smaller overlay window, there is still value in using split screen mode. Namely when reading one of our many how-tos articles on your phone. This feature allows you to open your browser on one half and the corresponding app on the other so you can join.

Android 9 or higher

For phones with Android 9 Pie or newer, to activate split screen mode, you must first open the overview menu by pressing the Recent apps button (next to your home button when using navigation with three buttons) or by swiping up from the bottom and pausing when using gesture navigation.

Find the first app to use in split screen mode and tap the icon at the top of the overview map. Choose "Split Screen" from the popup, then a black bar will appear in the center of your screen with the app you just selected on one half of the screen.

Image by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

If the second app has recently opened, you will find it in the bottom half, which should now contain some kind of mini overview menu. If not, press the back button or perform the gesture back then select the app from your home screen or app drawer to open the app in the second half of the screen.

Android 7.0–8.0

Activating split screen mode was a bit different when the feature was new. So if you are using an older version of Android, you should run both apps in the background before starting. In other words, open the apps one by one and then go to your home screen.

Now press the "Recent apps" button and drag the first app to the area that says "Drag here to use split screen". A black bar appears in the center of the screen with the first app on one side. In the other half, find the second app on the Recent apps page and select it. It will take up the bottom half and allow split screen successfully.

Image by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

There is also a hidden way to enter split screen mode, which is a much faster and easier to do. Open the first app and long press the & # 39; Recent apps & # 39; button. The app positions itself on the top half, with the bottom section open to the overview menu, where you can choose the second half of the split screen pair.

Image by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

Enable split screen for all apps

After playing long enough with this feature, you will notice that there are a few apps that do not support this. You can enforce compliance for those apps thanks to a setting in Developer Options. Check out our quick guide below for information on how to enable this feature.

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Cover photo by Jon Knight / Gadget Hacks

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