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How to open and edit Word documents in Apple pages on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadgethacks

There is no doubt that Microsoft Word is the go-to for companies worldwide. As such, you can receive Word documents to open on your iPhone, regardless of whether or not you have Word for iOS installed. If you prefer to edit text documents with Pages, Apple's own word processor, you can easily import and export Word documents.

When you first open Pages, you can choose to start a new document or open an existing document via the built-in File Manager. If you have already saved a Word document somewhere on your iPhone, iCloud Drive or via third-party cloud storage, you can open it without any problems by tapping it.

Article left, right? Of course not. It is easy to open a .doc or .docx file from the File manager, but what about Mail or Messages? Tapping does not open it in Pages.

That essential functionality may not be clear in the beginning. Depending on whether you use iOS 1

2 or iOS 13, your iPhone can make opening Word documents in Pages easy, or hide the feature from view. For example, in iOS 12 you can tap a Word document directly from the Files app to open it in Pages, but in iOS 13 it doesn't work that way. We show you how to open the files in these situations, regardless of the version of iOS that you are currently using.

Important Note

No matter how you open a Word document or where it comes from, Pages creates a .pages copy to work from within the app and save it to your default location in the Files app, probably the & # 39; Pages & # 39; folder on iCloud Drive. The original Word file therefore remains unchanged – it is never overwritten. If you want to share the Pages document with someone else as a Word document, you must export it as a .docx file to another location or app.

Open a Word document from Mail & other apps [19659007] Suppose you have just emailed a .doc or .docx to view. Simple right? Not so much. When you tap the download, a Quick Look preview is opened.

In iOS 12 and lower, you can also peek at the preview with 3D Touch. In iOS 13 you can hold down and press "Quick Look" to open the preview. (Not all apps support those shortcuts. For example, messages in iOS 13 only support tapping to preview and also long press.)

Tap the Share button at the top right to open the Share sheet.

Example display in iOS 12 (left) versus iOS 13 (right)

Alternatively, you can open the Share sheet without first using Quick Look. To do this, hold down the downloaded file for a long time. On a device with 3D Touch in iOS 12 or lower, tap slightly in its place. The Sharing sheet opens immediately for iOS 12 and below, but on iOS 13 you need to press & # 39; Share & # 39; click. (Not all apps support this, such as Messages. Mail does, of course.)

Exporting the Pages Copy as Word Doc

If you need to send the edited file back to someone and are not sure if they use Pages, you can export it to a .docx Word file. To do this, tap the ellipse (•••) icon at the top right, select "Export" and then "Word" and use the share sheet to share it as you want.

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