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How to personalize the Google Discover feed on iPhone

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The Discover feed is Google’s place for news stories, sports scores, weather, and other content you might like. You have the option to customize what appears in this feed on your iPhone or iPad, and you should.

Where is the Google Discover feed?

The Discover feed is available on iPhone and iPad in the Google app. It is the list of cards below the search bar. You may see a weather widget at the top and then some articles from around the web that suit your interests.

discover feed on iphone

Unlike its Android counterpart, the iPhone and iPad app do not have a dedicated “Discover” tab. It’s all on the main “Home” tab.

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Personalize your interests

The key to getting the most out of the Discover feed is to customize it. This is a process that you will want to keep doing every time you use the app. A few minor tweaks here and there will fine-tune the content to your liking, ultimately requiring very little input.

First, you will see a few small icons on each map. There is a control icon and a three-dot menu icon.

google discover icons

By tapping the menu icon, more information about the map will be displayed. For example, we can see that the subject of this card is ‘Disney +’. You can choose to “follow” the topic, tell Google you are not interested in it or that you no longer want to see stories from the specific source, or decide to “Manage Interests” (more on that later).

discover more information on the topic

The control icon allows you to adjust how much you will see about a specific topic. You can choose to see ‘More’ or ‘Less’. The choice can be adjusted at any time by tapping the icon again.

discover map control button

To more directly match your interests, tap the three-dot menu icon on a map and select ‘Manage Interests’.

tap manage interests

Then tap on ‘Your interests’.

select your interests

Here you can see all the topics you’ve told Google about before. Deselect any of these options if you want to unfollow them.

delete topics

Scroll down a bit further and you will see a section entitled ‘Based on your activity’. These are topics that Google thinks you may like. Tap the “+” to follow a topic, or tap the void icon to hide it.

add or hide topics

The “Based on your activity” list will likely be very long. You certainly don’t have to go through the whole thing. Tackling the cards shown in the Discover feed is an easier way to customize the experience.

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