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How to play a multiplayer game in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has finally become the game that Hello Games promised. You can travel to any number of planets in a wide variety of galaxies to explore the universe. With this game you can slowly (but surely) make your way from planet to planet, build bases and study life on other planets. Although the game is very entertaining, it always gets better with friends.

If you want to start an entire city on a planet, playing with someone else can really help. No Man’s Sky can be fun solo, but playing with someone adds that extra layer of security against sentries, unforgiving terrain, and biological horrors. If you’re having a hard time adding friends to this game, you̵

7;ve come to the right place!

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Add friends from scratch

Suppose you jump online at the same time as your friend. You decide: why not play No Man’s SkyIt’s the perfect time to add other players to the game!

No Mans Sky multiplayer

When you first open the game, you will be given the opportunity to play single player or join another player’s game. If you opened your game first, press Play gameand then go to the next section of this guide. However, if your friend is the one who started the game, you want to hit Multiplayer.

Once there you have the chance to select Host new game – and not much else. You have to wait a while for this page to load. Once this is the case, your friend’s name will be displayed and you can join their game. On the next page you can select from which save point you want to start.

If you have a friend from another console that you want to play with, check the bottom of this page. There will be an option of Show my No Man’s Sky Friend Code and Add No Man’s Sky FriendIf you find yourself playing cross platform, share your code with your friend and let him / her add the code or vice versa. Once that’s done, you can select your save and start exploring the universe.

Multiplayer while playing

Let’s say you’ve been playing for a while now. You’ve started a great foundation and started exploring life on this planet when your friend jumps on it. Adding a friend to your group is not only possible from the beginning. Your friend can of course use the multiplayer option mentioned above. But what if they were already online? Well, there is a way to add your friend to your game even if both of you have already started a game.

No Man's Sky

The first thing you want to do is click on the Options button on your controller, then scroll to it Options tab by using R1 or L1Select once there Network.

No Man's Sky settings

In Network, you will find that you can control who is invited to your group, who can change bases, etc. It is important to check before diving in. You wouldn’t want someone you don’t trust to be able to build on your foundation.

When adding friends to your game, you will be taken to this window and select Check out No Man’s Sky’s friends list.

No Man's Sky invitation

A list of your friends will be displayed from here. Simply find and select the friend you want to add from the same platform. You will be given two options: ‘View profile’ (this is their console profile) or invite them. Once you’ve invited them, follow similar steps to invite friends.

But what if you want to play with someone on a different console? If so, you still want to go to this screen. At the bottom are the options of Show my No Man’s Sky Friend Code or Add No Man’s Sky Friend. To play cross-platform, you or your friend must enter a friend code, while the other must enter it.

The last thing worth mentioning is that while you’re working on the Space Anamoly Nexus missions, other players can join your group. Sometimes while doing Nexus missions, other players who want to do the same mission will join your party, or they just join in for sports. If you ever need to kick someone out, just go back to the Options screen and press Network again. From there, you’ll see a list of the people in your group on the right. Hover over the person you want to exclude and select their name. This should give you the option to give this person the boat. It’s not always necessary, but it’s nice to know that you have a little control over your game.

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