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How to remotely set up your loved ones with video conferencing

  Helping to Build a Family with Video Conferences One of the hardest things about lockdown for many of us is to be separated from our loved ones. But as difficult as this is, technology has largely come through for us, providing ways to talk, see and play with those we are separated from. More of us than ever are now using apps like Zoom, House Party, Skype, FaceTime and others to hang out remotely.

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But what if the loved one you want to speak to doesn't have any of those apps installed on their devices? And what if they don't know how to install them? What if they don't continue with technology, or if they have a disability that prevents them from interacting with a smart device?

Where there is a will, there is a way! While there may not be a solution for every scenario, in the vast majority of cases, there are ways around these obstacles. Read on and let's explore some options for setting up a family with video conferencing solutions, even if you can't provide technical support yourself!

Echo Show

By far the best option for starting disabled or technophobic family members with video conferences is to give them an echo show. These have the great advantage of offering Alexa & # 39; s "drop-in" feature. With drop-in, you can easily and unsolicited appear on someone else's ultrasound device (as long as they've given permission before). This, in turn, means that you can call a loved one even if they can't get to the device to click "answer", for example.

  amazon echo show 8

Since you have to choose who can access each device through the settings, you will probably need to set up the device before sending it. Likewise, someone must be present to help connect the device to the local Wi-Fi.

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Once set up, your friend or family member will be able to call without doing anything and even invade people by simply ask Alexa! You can even make calls from an Android or iOS device with the app installed. And in case you're worried about never getting a moment's rest, you can also define the set times when drop-in is enabled.

If you want to save money, you can also use a Kindle Fire tablet and it in Show Mode. This works just like an ultrasound show.

Here is a video tutorial that can be useful:

Remote Zoom or Skype Setup

Another option is to install Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or similar app on Android device, iOS device or Windows PC. This may be preferable if you are hoping to participate in large group chats or if you are interested in playing games etc.

Depending on the device the person you are calling is using, these apps may already have these apps installed . In that case, if you can tell them the setup process over the phone, you're ready to go!

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If the other person doesn't have these apps, or if they aren't sure how to do them Even with your instructions, you may need to perform the installation yourself. In that case, you can have them post the hardware for you and then install the software on their behalf. This carries a small hygiene risk, but you can reduce it by following our guide to cleaning a phone or tablet. If they can't reach the post office or post the device through your mailbox, you can buy something new and have it delivered to them instead.

  Samsung S20 Plus Laundry Disinfection 2

This means you have to buy something new for one purpose, but the good news is you can get enough devices for less than $ 200 or even less ! View our guides here:

When installing the video conference software, take this opportunity to install also either TeamViewer or Splashtop Remote. This gives you the ability to access and operate the device remotely on behalf of its owner. If your loved one can't launch the app on their own or if he or she gets into trouble, you can offer help without leaving your home.

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. I recommend using a Windows PC whenever possible as it will support most of a wide variety of different screen sharing solutions and can be controlled from any other operating system. You can even wake up a PC remotely with Wake On LAN and port forwarding. However, it needs a wired Ethernet connection!

You can watch an old video I made on this topic here:

If you think your loved one is better served by a tablet or phone, Android is the way to go. Although you cannot control an Android or iOS device with the default Splashtop account, TeamViewer offers this service through another app called TeamViewer QuickSupport.

You may also be lucky enough to encourage your loved ones to install QuickSupport yourself, since installing apps is a relatively simple process.

Here's a final video, from the always interesting Dave Bennett, explaining the process:

This software doesn't support all Android devices, so make sure you do your research before investing in new hardware! The same goes for any other strategy in this article. Read around and ideally watch videos of people doing what you have to do with the accurate the same devices.

Let us know how you get through in the comments below, and be sure to share your own comments solutions. It's time for technology to go a step further and help us get through this difficult time together.

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