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How to remove makeup, face paint, fake blood and body glue from skin and clothing «Halloween ideas :: WonderHowTo

Becoming someone else for Halloween is great fun, but it can take a lot of tools to achieve. An extensive suit may require that you put yourself in all kinds of makeup, paints and glues, and putting on is only half the battle. The real fun starts when the party is over, and you have to remove it all.

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Each product has different ingredients, so the way you rinse it off differs from one to the other. Some are as simple as washing your face and with others you may need to use something more powerful than water. But before you try anything …

Read the label first

As the FDA suggests, the best place to start is to read the label on a product and see if it has instructions on how to do it to wash out. If they tell you what to use in the bottle, that's probably your best choice. But some don't give any clue as to what that particular kind of slurry will remove from your skin.

No matter how annoying it is, going to bed in your costume makeup is just not an option. Many cosmetics can cause pimples or allergic reactions if they are left too long, and you do not want to wake up with a hangover and a destroyed pillowcase.

Here are some general guidelines for cleaning yourself up at the end of the night.

Removing makeup and face paint

Like regular makeup, suit makeup can be very easy or almost impossible to wash, depending on what it is made of. Water-based paint is much easier to get rid of than oil or grease-based paint.

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Whatever type of makeup you use, you want to be careful when you take it off so you don't get stains on your clothes, carpet or anything else. If you use a washcloth, make sure it is an old one in case the makeup does not wash.

Use soap and water

Some cosmetics are made to come with regular old soap and water. Before you try to use special removers or other products, wash your face as you normally do and see if it dissolves. If it doesn't work or if you have some stains or streaks, you can use something else to provide the more stubborn parts.

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Use Cold Cream or Makeup Remover

They were made for that, yet? If you already have a bath with cold cream or makeup remover or micellar cleansing water that you use for your normal makeup, it also works on most types of Halloween makeup.

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Grab some make-up remover wipes if you don't have any handy ones (these are especially useful if you have a head start on scrubbing during the drive or walking home.

Use coconut oil, Jojoba or baby oil

Oil adheres to oil, so it is one of the easiest and most natural ways to remove facial paint. most homemade make-up removers have an oil base – you can use any kind of oil you happen to have (even baby oil – which is basically just scented mineral oil), but the best for your skin are coconut oil and jojoba oil.

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If your skin is normally greasy, make sure it is free r that you wash away all remains when you are ready so that you do not wake up with a greasy face.

Use baby wipes

If you don't have makeup that removes makeup, baby wipes work just as well. They are especially useful for people with sensitive skin.

Image by The Q Speaks / Flickr [19659018] Use a little lotion

A little lotion on a cotton wool is great for removing make-up without drying out your skin. Any kind of lotion will work, but it is best to use that that is not greasy, so you don't clog your pores. You can also use Vaseline (aka Vaseline) instead, but make sure you wash your face thoroughly after removing that gross feeling.

Removing body glue

Most adhesives can be with oil removed from the skin. If you have used a relatively small amount of glue, it can often simply be removed without intervention. If not, use a cotton pad to apply some baby oil or isopropyl alcohol. It may be necessary to keep it on the skin to "soak" the glue for a minute or two before it falls apart enough to wipe.

Liquid latex removal

Believe it or not, liquid latex is made to come loose with nothing more than soap and water . If you get it in your hair, you can just jump in the shower and wash it out. If you're lucky, you might just peel it off.

Image by George Duncan / Flickr [19659018] Removing stains from skin and clothing

Certain types of make-up do something color on the back of your skin even after you remove them. Some suggest making a paste with baking soda and water to remove the pigment. Although it is usually quite effective, baking powder can make your skin extremely dry.

If you need to remove stains from much of the skin, toothpaste is a milder alternative that will not irritate your skin. Simply apply it to the stain and scrub lightly until it comes off and then rinse with cold water. Shaving cream is also great for removing blemishes from the skin, especially on larger areas or sensitive skin.

For small areas (not on your face) you can use a cotton ball to apply hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil or nail polish remover.

If you stain your suit or other clothing, it is a good idea to soak them in warm water for a few hours before washing them to soften the stain, especially for thicker products such as fake blood. Some brands wash immediately with normal detergent, but on others you may need a stain remover. For oil-based stains, sprinkle with some baby powder to absorb the oil before washing.

What do you use?

Do you have tricks to reduce the cost at the end of the night? Let us know in the comments below.

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