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How to reset a Galaxy S10

  Samsung Galaxy s10 plus hands-on
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Even the best smartphones on the market, such as the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, tend to share their problems from time to time. to come across. Fortunately, only a soft reset or factory reset is needed to restore your Samsung smartphone to its original state.

Whether you want to sell your Galaxy S1

0 or just want the device to work properly again, you'll probably want to perform a reset. Read on to find out how you can easily perform a reset function on your S10.

How to soft reset a Galaxy S10

A soft reset is your first point of contact when you have a problem with your Galaxy S10, S10 Plus or S10e. When you gently reset your phone, you simply force it off and on again. No data will be lost, so there is no real risk. If your S10 screen is frozen, it does not respond to touch, or perhaps it is unusually slow, you should try a soft reset. This is done as follows:

  • Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for several seconds.
  • When your Galaxy S10 is restarted, you can let go.

If your problems persist after a soft reset, check out our general Galaxy S10 problems and solutions for possible solutions. If nothing works, you may have to try a factory reset.

Performing a factory reset of a Galaxy S10

A factory reset can solve more difficult or more serious problems, but it will completely erase your phone. That means you lose all messages, photos, contacts, apps and everything else on your phone, unless you back it up first. You also want to reset your S10 at the factory before you sell it or pass it on to someone else. Once completed, a factory reset will return your phone to the condition it was in when you first removed it from the box.

Look in Settings> Accounts and backup> Backup and restore and you should see options to Backup my data and Automatic restore . Once you are convinced that you have backed up everything you do not want to lose, continue with these steps:

  • Go to Settings> Backup and reset> Restore factory settings .
  • Scroll down and tap Reset .
  • Enter your PIN code or password.
  • Tap Delete all .

When finished, you can set it as new or restore your backup. If you have performed the factory reset to combat a problem, it is best to test whether your problem has disappeared before you have backed up files and reinstalled apps and games.

Factory Reset Protection

If you reset the Galaxy S10 for transfer or sale, you must disable Factory Reset Protection before performing the factory reset, otherwise you will be asked to enter your Google account information to transfer to the phone to go. This is a security measure to deter thieves. It is easy to turn off:

Go to Settings> Accounts and backup> Accounts> Google> Delete account confirm and then tap Delete account again.

How to restore factory settings to a non-responsive Galaxy S10

What if you want to reset your Galaxy S10 at the factory, but the touchscreen does not respond? Don't worry, you can do it with the hardware keys. Remember that you lose everything that is not backed up. This is how the factory settings are restored with the keys:

  • Hold down the Power button until the Galaxy S10 turns off.
  • Hold the Volume up button and pressed Bixby buttons simultaneously and also hold down the Power button.
  • When you see the green Android logo, you can release all keys.
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate up and down and to clear the data / factory reset option.
  • Press the Power button to select it.
  • Now, you & # 39; I want to press Volume down to highlight the option Yes – remove all user data option.
  • Press Power to select it.
  • Once the reset has been completed, Restart system now must be highlighted and you can press the Power key to restart your S10.

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