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How to restore the factory settings of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge may be a few years old, but given their impressive amount of hardware there is no reason to slow down or freeze. If your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge shows signs of a delay, this may be due to an app infected with malware.

Fortunately, restoring the factory settings of your Galaxy S7 is one of the most effective ways to resolve issues and restore your device to its original state. Follow the steps below to find out how to clean your S7.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

This is very important: You must switch off FRP before if you are planning to sell it or give this device to someone else . If you do not do this, the following person will see this message on the screen:

“This device has been reset. Sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device. ”

If this happens, you must give the new owner your password and nobody wants to do that.

Disable FRP

  • Go to Settings to Lock screen and security and remove all passwords, patterns or PIN codes. Everything below Screen lock type must be removed.
  • Open Settings go to Cloud and accounts> Accounts and tap Google and then tap the menu (three dots) at the top right and select Delete account .
  • After deleting all accounts from your device, you can reset your smartphone.

Now you are ready to delete your smartphone. Remember that, as the screen says, all your data will be erased and your phone will be erased completely, back to how it was on the day it came out of the box.

There are two types of resets. You can restore the factory settings from the settings menu or by using the hardware keys to enter the recovery mode. First, let's see the simple way.

How to restore a Galaxy S7 factory settings from the settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll to Backup and reset.
  • Go to Factory Data Reset.
  • Here you see the button Reset device .
  • For confirmation, you will be asked for your password, pin code or pattern.
  • Then select Delete all.

Restore factory settings via restore mode

There may be times when you cannot get your S7 to get you started. Perhaps after an update or other software problem that prevents it from booting or sending the device into a boot loop. In this case, you can perform a reset via the Android recovery menu using the hardware keys. It is similar to pressing F8 while starting up in Windows. It requires that we turn on the smartphone in a certain way to access the recovery mode menu.

  • With your Galaxy S7 switched off, hold the buttons Power, Home and Volume Up pressed simultaneously.
  • Hold Power, Home, and [pressed Volume up until you see Recovery Booting at the top of your screen (in the case of my Exynos S7, a dancing Android robot). When you see that, you can release the buttons.
  • Now wait a while while it starts up in the recovery mode. Once you are in the Recovery mode, you will see a list of options.
  • Scroll down with the button Volume down until delete data / restore factory settings is highlighted.
  • Press the Power button to select this option.
  • You are asked to confirm.
  • Press the Volume Down button to select Yes and confirm the reset.

So now your Samsung Galaxy S7 has been reset and is as clean as a whistle. If you are thinking of disabling FRP, it is ready to be sold or passed on to the next user.

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