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How to reuse the Bixby Key on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and more

Let's face it, not everyone is a fan of Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung. If you are a Samsung smartphone owner who chooses not to use Bixby, you may be wondering what to do with the special Bixby Key on the edge of your Galaxy S10, S9, or S8. devices. Fortunately we are behind you.

Fortunately, you can reassign the Bixby Key so that you can improve the functionality of your device without turning on Bixby (you can always switch it back if you don't like it). Follow the steps below for this.

Reassigning the Bixby Key

The Bixby Key still opens Bixby in one way or another. The update simply gives you the option to start another app via a single press (then a double press will open Bixby), or via a double press (where a single press will open Bixby). If you keep the button pressed, the walkie-talkie mode for Bixby is also started. Unfortunately, there is no native way to use the button to open Google Assistant, but we'll get back to that in a moment.

After the update, go to Settings> Advanced functions> Bixby Key . We recommend choosing . Press twice to open Bixby . This means that you only have to tap the button once to start another app. Tap Use one press and then tap the gear icon next to Open the app . Search for the app you want to launch ̵

1; this can even be the camera – and select it. That is it! You have reassigned the Bixby button.

You also see the option to activate a Quick Command when you tap the Bixby key. With Quick commands you can activate a series of actions on your phone when you say a sentence. For example, if you run & # 39; I drive & # 39; says, Wi-Fi on your phone can be turned off, Bluetooth can be turned on and a playlist & # 39; Commute & # 39; are played if you have one. If you link a quick command to the Bixby key, you don't have to say this out loud and simply press the button. Since there is a good chance that you will accidentally press the Bixby key, you may want to use this as a Double-click instead.

Reassign the Bixby key to open Google Assistant

If you use Google Assistant a lot, you may want to start it with the special button instead of pressing the start button. There is a way to do this, but it requires a third-party app (which can always be a cause for concern, in terms of security). The app and instructions are from XDA developers.

We recommend that you first go to > Settings> Biometrics and security> Install unknown apps and tap Chrome or Samsung Internet – whatever your default browser is currently. Switch on Allow from this source . You can change this later, but this will allow the browser to download unidentified files, which is necessary if you want to start Google Assistant with the Bixby key.

Go to this link now and download XDA & Bixby Remapper MOT. We have tried this on multiple phones and the process went smoothly. Follow the instructions to download the app and then install it.

After installation, return to Settings> Advanced Functions> Bixby Key . Tap Use one press and then the gear icon next to Open the app. Search for an app with the name Bixby Button Assistant Remapper . That's all.

Press the Bixby button and you should be given a choice to open Google Assistant or Bixby (otherwise Google Assistant will launch automatically) – tap Google Assistant and then tap Always to make sure of being always opens the AI ​​of Google

There you go, now you can use the Bixby key to start Google Assistant.

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