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How to send or forward an email directly to Slack

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Slack offers integration options that allow you to connect directly to email services. But if you simply want to share an email quickly and easily, you can grab a Slack email address and forward it to your workspace.

Maybe it’s a rave review of your company’s product from a client, or maybe it’s a list of project items for your headquarters team. Whatever that email contains, it can be shared with your Slack workspace or even kept private as your own reference.

Get the Slack email address

You can get the Slack email address with the desktop or web version of Slack. So log in to the workspace of your choice in Slack.

Note: Guest users do not have this option.

In the top left corner, click the arrow next to the workspace name and select Preferences.

Click the workspace arrow and select Preferences

From the menu, select “Messages and Media” and scroll to the bottom of those settings. You will see a section called “Floppy Emails” with a brief description of the feature. Click on ‘Get a forwarding email address’.

Click Request a forwarding email address

Once the email address appears, click “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. You can then use it right away or save it to your contacts for easy access later.

Click to copy to the email address

When done, paste the Slack email address into the “To” field of your email client and forward the message as you would any other email. You can also use the Slack email address if you want to compose a new message instead of forwarding a message.

Share or save the email in Slack

After you send a message to the Slack email address, it will appear in Slackbot almost immediately. Go to Slackbot under “Direct messages” on the left. You can click the message to expand it to see the entire email, then collapse it again when you’re done.

Click on Slackbot and expand the email

To share the message, move your cursor over the email and click on “Share File” in the toolbar.

Click File Sharing in the toolbar

You can then search or select a Slack user or channel. Remember you can also send it to yourself. Add a message if you wish and click on ‘Share’.

Enter a user or channel and click Share

To perform a different action on the email, click the three dots icon in the toolbar. You can then copy a link to the file, add it to your saved items, rename it, or delete it if necessary.

More promotions for the email

If you receive an email that you want to share in your Slack workspace, this is a super easy way to do it. To learn more, read how to remember important messages in Slack.

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