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How to Share Your Plex Libraries News & Opinion

Plex is a powerful piece of software that allows you to manage your media library and stream it to any other device. It also has a special super power that elevates it to comparable apps such as Kodi: you can share your library of movies and shows with other Plex users.

Sharing your Plex library is relatively easy, but depending on how organized your library is, you may want to do some preparatory work. Here we will help you share your libraries with friends, as well as some things you may want to arrange before you do that.

Organize your Plex libraries

Before you share your library, it is a good idea to ensure that your home is in order. After all, if you were to invite someone to choose a movie from your Blu-ray collection, you would probably make sure everything was organized and all the discs were in their covers.


The most important thing is to make sure that everything in your library is something that you want to share . If you have home movies or maybe some guilty pleasures that you don't want to advertise, place them in a separate library.

Then it helps to ensure that the movies and shows in your library have their metadata in place and look good. You can read our full guide on how to do this, but you can do most of the work simply by using Plex's official naming conventions for movies and TV shows when you add them to your collection. Plex must collect the correct posters, plot descriptions and background images.

Does everyone have a Plex account?

Before you can share your Plex library with someone, they must have an account with the service. If not, send them to the Plex website and have them create an account. With their account, they have access to shared libraries and can share their Plex library with others if they wish.


If they only want to watch videos from your library on the internet, they are good to go. However, for streaming or casting from a mobile device, they must download the app for Android or iOS. These apps are free to download, but have limitations, unless you unlock a one-time in-app purchase of $ 5.

The most important limitation they care about is a one-minute limit for streaming video, making it pretty useless to watch movies when they are not paying. Plex does offer a Plex pass with a lot of extra functions, but your friends don't need to watch your films.

Invite friends to access your libraries

That seemed like a lot of setup, right? Running a Plex server can be like this. But with the hardest part out of the way, it's time to invite your friends. In the Plex web app, click the three-dot icon next to a library and choose Share.

 plex cialis19459007 cialis cialis19659002 extension Enter the username or email address of the person you want to share your library with and click on the user when it appears. In the next window, choose which libraries you share with others. To share them all, select your server and click Save. Or select only the libraries that you want to share and then click Save.

The person with whom you share must then receive an email invitation to access your library. Once accepted, they can open your libraries in any Plex app. If they (or you) have access to multiple servers, they can switch between them manually or search on all servers.

Manage access to your servers

Once your friends have access to your server, they can stream all your movies and shows whenever they want they want. That's great for them, but it also means that they have access to your server and will use your internet when they do.

If that becomes a problem, there are things you can do to ease the burden. Some features that we discuss here are part of the Plex Pass subscription, but only you as a server owner must subscribe to get these features.


In the Plex Web App you can set data limitations for outgoing streams. Go to Settings and enter your own internet speed under Remote Access. Plex automatically adjusts streams so that this limit is not exceeded. You can also manually limit the bitrate of external streams to prevent someone watching too much in your bandwidth.

Although a significant reduction in the bit rate results in a decline in quality, you can lower it without having the quality drop too far. If you host a server on a limited internet connection, this can be an invaluable tool.

The Plex dashboard can also be used to see who is currently streaming from your library. y, and how many of your resources they use. This includes not only bandwidth, but CPU and RAM usage on the machine that hosts your server. If you use a desktop – say the one you also play games on – to host a server, you may want to know when someone uses your resources.

If someone is constantly emptying your system, you can cut them off, or just find a deal among friends where they don't stream every Marvel movie on 4K every night.

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