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How to stay up to date with someone's tweets without following them «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

Following someone on Twitter is an investment. You almost agree that their opinions, tirades, and hot takes are spread across your timeline. It can become irritating very quickly if it is known that they regularly post controversial reactions. However, there are other ways to stay up to date with someone's tweets without having to press the follow button and go all-in.

Even if you are an ordinary user, you have probably heard of Twitter lists, which are curator groups of Twitter accounts. Suppose you want to create a timeline that is filled with only technical reporters; then you can add all your favorite tech reporters from Twitter to the group and only view their tweets if you are on this list. With these lists you can essentially follow people & # 39; & # 39; and make their tweets appear in an isolated timeline ̵

1; without actually following them.

Step 1: Make a list

Whether you are logged in to the Twitter app for iOS or Android, the mobile web app or Twitter Lite for Android, tap your profile icon in the upper left to open the sidebar menu. Then go to "Lists".

Tap the page Lists on the blue icon with a paper list and a plus sign (+) in it. Then type a title for the group under Name and give a description below if you wish.

Before continuing, you must decide whether or not to make the list public. We recommend that you make it private so that only you can see the list. In addition, the accounts that you add to the list do not receive notification that they have been added to your list.

Depending on the app, when done, tap "Create", "Save" or "Next". "

Step 2: Add users to your list

Now your private list is active, it is time to add users.If you are using the Twitter app for iOS, Twitter Lite for Android or the mobile web app, you will be prompted to add contacts directly, suggestions can be displayed and you can

In the Android app or when you want to add new contacts to a list, go to a user's profile and tap the ellipse icon to take action options, then tap the list with items on & # 39; Add / remove from lists & # 39; or & # 39; Add to list & # 39 ;. Then choose your list.

With each version except the Android app you can select multiple lists and then on Tap "Save" or "Done" to complete roid: as soon as you touch a list, it is automatically added to that list and you return to the profile.

Do this for as many users as you want. You can even create unique lists for different users, such as friends, customers, competitors, influencers, reporters, politicians, etc.

Step 3: View your list

Once your list is complete, you can view it it from the page Lists . Simply tap your list to see tweets from everyone you've added. The tweets are in reverse chronological order ( as opposed to your normal timeline). You can reply to tweets, retweet, favorite and share tweets, just like in your timeline, except that the user does not know that you are following them & # 39; and that you do not appear as one of his followers in his profile.

Step 4: Manage your lists

To make a list You can go to your list and click on "Edit list." In the Android app you first have to press the vertical ellipse to see the "Edit list" option. On the Edit List you can change the name and description, make the list private or public, and delete the list (you can also remove the list from the ellipse in the Android app). To manage the members of the list, tap "Manage Members" or "Members."

Here you can view the existing users on your list. To delete them, tap the red & # 39; Delete & # 39; button. or the large & # 39; X & # 39; to the right of the account. In the iOS app there is also a "Suggested" tab where you can add recommended members based on existing members in the group or group title, and you can also simply search by user name. Anyway, tap the blue "Add" button to add a member to the list.

members in the mobile web app or Twitter Lite for Android, click in place it on "Add people" on the page List info . The Android app lacks this functionality.

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