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How to subtract in Microsoft Excel

One of the most common functions that you will use in Excel is basic math. You will find that most operations have clear formulas that you can use to add, multiply and more. However, there is no formula in Excel for you to subtract. Instead, here are a few alternative methods for subtracting in Excel.

Subtract in Excel:

1. The easiest way to subtract is to build your own formula. As always, you must start with an equals sign (=) and then add your numbers. If you calculate within one cell, you can use numbers similar to the image below. The formula is represented as = 100-17-12 .

  excel subtract 1

2. You can also subtract whole cells in the same way. Instead of using numbers, you should only use cell identities instead. The example below shows A1, A2 and A3 in the formula in cell A4. The formula is = A1-A2-A3 .

  excel subtract 2

3. Once you've mastered the art of cell subtraction, you can make things a little easier on yourself. You can use the SUM formula to add all the cells you want to subtract and then use them instead of typing each cell. This means that your formula looks like this: = A1-SUM (A2: A5) .

  excel subtract 3

4. You can also get really pretty and subtract two columns from each other. All it takes is to create a simple = A1-B1 formula. Then you can drag the formula through the whole row, just like the image below.

  excel subtract 4

Please, these are four different ways to subtract in Excel. You can choose the one you want and they are all useful for different types of subtraction.

What else can you do in Excel?

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