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How to turn tablet mode on and off in Windows 10

Windows tablet mode icon

By default, Windows 10 automatically switches to tablet mode when you reconfigure your convertible PC in tablet form. If you’d rather turn tablet mode on or off manually, there are several ways to do this. Here’s how.

How automatic tablet mode works on Windows 1

If you’re using a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can be transformed from a laptop form factor with a keyboard into a tablet – by unplugging a keyboard, folding the screen back, or some other physical action, tablet mode would be of Windows 10 should be activated automatically when you perform that action.

If you don’t like this behavior and you want to disable it, you can easily change it in Windows settings. Simply open “Settings” and go to System> Tablet, then select “Do not switch to tablet mode” from the drop-down menu.

In Windows 10 Tablet Settings, choose an option from the drop-down menu.

Once automatic tablet mode is turned off, you can manually activate tablet mode using the methods below.

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Enable tablet mode using the action center

If you want to turn tablet mode on or off manually, the Windows 10 Action Center is probably the fastest way. First, open “Action Center” by tapping or clicking the notification button in the corner of the taskbar. When the Action Center menu appears, select the “Tablet Mode” button.

In the Windows 10 Action Center, tap the Tablet Mode button.

This button works like a switch: if tablet mode is off when you use it, the button turns it on. If tablet mode is on, the same button will turn it off.

Switch between tablet mode using Windows settings

You can also enable or disable tablet mode from Windows settings. First open “Settings” then go to System> Tablet.

In System Settings on Windows 10, click

In ‘Tablet settings’, click on ‘Change additional tablet settings’.

In the Windows 10 tablet settings, click

In ‘Change additional tablet settings’ you’ll see a toggle called ‘Tablet mode’. Turn it “On” to enable Tablet mode and turn it “Off” to disable Tablet mode.


Then exit Settings. And don’t forget, you can always switch Tablet mode much faster with the Action Center shortcut shown in the previous section. Lots of fun!

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