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How to unlock the Master Chief skin in Fortnite

As revealed at The Game Awards 2020, Halo’s Master Chief has come Fortnite, and you can now unlock the character. Master Chief joins Kratos as a console-exclusive mascot, although you can get his outfit and items on any platform. It’s absolutely wild to play as the iconic Xbox character on a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

Unlocking the character’s outfit works the same way as with Kratos, but if you’re new Fortnite or if you haven’t played in a while, you may not know how to get it. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Master Chief and all of his items Fortnite.

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How to get the Master Chief skin

To unlock Master Chief’s skin and items, you must purchase them with V-bucks, the in-game currency. As soon as you launch the game on December 11, 2020, you will likely see ads for the character everywhere. As you can see in the image above, a timer is counting down, indicating the character’s availability. That means you only have time today to get your hands on the Chief’s skin and items, so you need to act quickly.

Here we list all the bundles you can buy along with their V-buck prices. Keep in mind that you can earn V-Bucks in-game by increasing your Battle Pass or purchasing them with real money. One thousand V dollars equals about $ 8 or so.

Master Chief Bundle – 2,600 V Bucks

  • Master Chief – Clothes
  • Battle Legend – Back Bling
  • Gravity hammer – Harvesting tools
  • UNSC Pelican – Glider
  • Lil ‘Warthog – Emote

This bundle has everything Master Chief related, from the outfit to an emote and a glider. Buying everything as a bundle will save you some money instead of buying the items individually. If you run out of V dollars, you will have to spend about $ 20 to get this bundle.

Master Chief – 1,500 V-bucks

  • Master Chief – Clothes
  • Battle Legend – Back Bling

This is the least expensive option to get the Master Chief outfit. It comes with that and the Battle Legend Back Bling piece.

Gravity Hammer – $ 800 V

  • Gravity hammer – Harvesting tools

UNSC Pelican – $ 1,200 V

Lil ‘Warthog – $ 500 V

And those are all the options you have for purchasing Master Chief’s Outfit and Equipment Fortnite. Unfortunately, it seems that if you don’t buy the character on December 11th, you might not have other chances to buy him later. In the past, licensed characters were limited to one day. Now those iconic PlayStation and Xbox mascots have been added Fortnite, many suspect we’ll get a Nintendo character next week – maybe Mario or Link from Zelda.

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