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How to update your Nintendo Switch

  Nintendo Switch Console

Updates to the Nintendo Switch system software are essential: they add new features and fix bugs. Normally, the system automatically downloads updates and asks if you want to install them. But if you want to manually activate the process (or make sure you're using the latest version), here's how.

To update your Nintendo Switch system software, you must be connected to the internet. Once connected, launch System Settings by tapping the gear icon on the Switch home screen.

 Nintendo Switch: Select System Settings on Home Screen

In the list on the left side of the screen, navigate down to System and then select "System Update".

 Select System Update in System Settings on Nintendo Switch

If your software already has the latest version, you will see a screen that says & # 39; Your system is up to date & # 39 ;. But if an update is available and it hasn't been downloaded yet, it will start downloading. If it has already been downloaded, the update process will begin.

First, the system alerts you that the console will restart when the update is complete and all suspended software will be closed.

Warning: Make sure you have saved your progress when running games in the background!

When you are ready to reboot, select "OK".

 Nintendo Switch System Software Update Warning Screen

You will see a screen that says "Updating" indicating that the update is in progress. Make sure not to turn off your console during the update.

 Update Screen for Nintendo Switch System Software

When the update is complete, your Nintendo Switch will restart automatically.

 Nintendo Switch System Software Full Update Screen

After restarting, you must use the latest version of the Nintendo Switch System Software. Go to System Settings> System> System Update again to check. If you see a screen that says 'Your system is up to date', then you are good to go!

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