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How to use Google Maps

Since its release in 2005, Google Maps has been helping people get where they need to be. Millions of people rely on Google Maps to navigate around the world and find addresses, places of interest, public transport routes and much more.

Even if you regularly use Google Maps, chances are that you will not benefit from the many features that the app has to offer. View this quick guide to managing Google Maps.

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Enable incognito mode

If you want to search for and navigate locations in Google Maps without having your app search history or location history recorded, you can use incognito mode. Because Google has added incognito mode to Google Maps, you can also prevent your searches and navigation from affecting the personalized recommendations you receive. Tap your profile photo on the top right and then tap Turn on incognito mode to turn on . Remember that other apps or services running on your device may still be following your movements or searches. To turn it off again, tap the incognito icon at the top right and tap Turn off incognito mode .

How you can save your home and work address

One of the first things you should do with Google Maps saves your home and work address. To do this, open Google Maps, tap the menu button ̵

1; represented by the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner – and tap Your Places . You see items for Home and Work . Enter your addresses. You can now ask Google Maps to navigate to Home or Work instead of entering the address. You can also enter searches such as "restaurants near work" and get a list of feasible suggestions.

Get directions quickly

Most of us are familiar with the Google Maps navigation feature that turns voice-controlled, turn-by-turn, but did you know that there is a handy shortcut to start it? You can search for or touch a place on the map and then touch the blue button Directions at the bottom right and Google Maps chooses the best route and starts directly in navigation mode. If you want to change the route or change your transportation mode, tap it once, make your changes, and then tap Start .

Share your real-time location

If you want to share your location in real time with family or friends, tap the menu button (three lines in the top left corner) and choose Share location . Tap the icon Add people in the top right to choose how long you want to share your location and Select People to share with. If they have a Google account, your position is shared with them in their Google Maps app; otherwise it will be sent as a link that they can tap. You can also choose to share your location through a large number of other apps such as Facebook Messenger. Everyone who shares their location with you has its own tab at the top of the screen and you can tap it to see where they are.

Sharing a location

Tap and hold anywhere to drop a pin. Tap the address area at the bottom of the screen to expand it, and then tap Share . You will see a pop-up list of apps that you can use to share your location. If someone has trouble finding your location, a photo view of the front of the actual building can help. View the following tip for sharing Street Views directly.

View Street View on mobile

If you want to see a photo of your location, you need Street View. Tap and hold the map to drop a pin at the location you choose, and then tap the button with the text at the bottom. You should see an image of the location at the bottom of your screen. Tap on that and you start Street View at your chosen location. You can share Street View by tapping the menu in the top right corner and tapping Share .

Finding things close by

Let's face it, you don't always know what you are & # 39; looking for. Maybe you want some gas, are you looking for a snack or you have to e-mail a package. Fortunately, if you tap the option Explore in the bottom left of Google Maps, you will see a list of interesting places nearby. If you scroll down, you can refine your search by choosing one of the categories. There are restaurants, hospitals, cash machines, gas stations and a large number of other branches. You can also search for what you need by typing in the search bar at the top or perform a spoken search by tapping the microphone icon at the top right.

Choose what you are looking for, and you will be presented with a list of options nearby with their respective distances. You will also see assessment scores – if available – and you can often call companies or visit the website directly from the info panel. If you slide the information panel down, you will see that they are even marked on your map.

This is how you zoom with one hand

Everyone is used to zooming in and out, but you can also zoom into Google Maps with one hand. Double-tapping zooms in partially, but there is another option. Tap the map twice, leave your finger or thumb on it the second time and you will find that you can swipe down to zoom in and up to zoom out.

View maps offline

Many people complain that one of the main weaknesses of Google Maps is that you must be online to use it. You can actually download and view maps with a little planning offline. For example, if you go to New York, open the app, search for & # 39; New York & # 39; and tap the bar at the bottom where & # 39; New York & # 39; state. Then select the button with the marking Download .

New York is huge, so you are asked to select an area. After you have done this, you can name and save your card. Your saved maps are displayed in the Google Maps menu, which is accessible by tapping the three horizontal lines on the top left when you first launch the app. Look under Your places and scroll to the Maps tab to find your offline maps. They expire in 30 days, so you must update them if you don't want them to expire.

Unfortunately, offline cards are fairly limited. You cannot get turn-by-turn directions or look for cards while you are offline.

How to save your favorite locations

You see recent searches appearing when you tap the search bar, but you can also save locations fairly easily, and it can be a real time saver in the future when you return to a place searches. To do this, simply tap the location that you want to save on the map, expand the information by tapping the address at the bottom, and then tap Save . You can choose to save it as a favorite place with the heart icon, mark it as a place you want to go, or add it to the list of your starred places. When a location is saved, the option Save switches to Saved with the relevant icon. Go to the menu and you will find Saved places listed under Your places .

How to check bus and train schedules

You can also use Google Maps to check for bus and train times to any location. Simply enter the location you want to travel to in the search bar, tap Directions and tap the train icon at the top. You will see a list of options based on the current time.

To check when a later train is available or to see when the last train departs, tap where it says Depart at and enter a specific time or tap Last to find your last option. You can also filter the results by transport type (bus, train, metro) and set preferences for fewer transfers or walking less via Options in the top right corner.

How to see where you have been

  Google Maps

Google Maps keeps track of your travels and you can view them through your browser. Go to this Google link and, if you are signed in to your Google account, you will see a map of where you have been in the last day. You can use the calendar in the upper left corner to select specific dates, or date ranges to see weeks and months.

Below the calendar you also see options to remove History from this period and Remove all history . You can also disable this tracking by opening the Google Settings app and tapping Location> Google Location History . Turn it off completely or choose specific devices for which you want to turn it off. Please note that if you do not have GPS and High accuracy mode set under Location in your settings all the time, you may have estimated locations that be far away where you really were.

How to find where to eat and when

If you zoom in on an area in Google Maps, say New York & Central Park, you will see an option on the bottom of the screen with the text Explore . You can tap to get categorized recommendations for places to eat and drink in the area. Even better, you can scroll through the options and tap More to see what the hotspots are at different times during the day and to find the best place for breakfast, dinner or drinks. It is great to plan ahead.

Change your view

Tap the top right icon, which looks like two stacked layers, and you will find view options for Satellite and Terrain . You can always tilt your map and get an isometric view in Google Maps. Tap and hold the card slightly apart with two fingers, and then swipe up. By moving your fingers in a circular motion, the card is rotated. The option Terrain shows some hills, but sometimes also shows the inside plan of certain locations.

Using Voice Commands in Navigation

There are several voice commands that you can use while in navigation mode in Google Maps. All you have to do is tap the microphone icon at the top right and then speak your command. You can now also say "OK, Google" or "Hey, Google" if you have set up Google Assistant. You can switch off the voice by pressing & # 39; Mute & # 39; or & # 39; Be quiet & # 39; to say. You can also & # 39; Show traffic & # 39 ;, ask for & # 39; Show alternative routes & # 39; or & # 39; Next exit & # 39; to say what your next turn will be. Many options have multiple triggers and there are many options, but you can browse the full list of Google voice commands for a detailed overview of the different commands.

Get directions for multiple locations

You can plot a route in Google Maps that goes through multiple locations. To do this, set the directions for your first location as you normally would, then tap on the three vertical dots at the top right and choose Add stop . Add as many stops as you need and then tap Completed . Google Maps now takes you in turn to each location.

If you want, you can also set this with your browser. Make sure you are signed in with your Google account and search for directions via Google Maps. There is a small plus sign at the top left, below your destinations, with which you can add a destination. You can set out an entire route in this way. When you are finished, tap Send directions to your phone . To enable this feature in iOS, launch the Google Maps app, tap Settings> Notifications and ensure that Notifications are enabled and Sent from desktop cards is checked.

How to make your own maps

  Google Maps

Whether you want to share your knowledge with friends or help your children or elderly parents, the ability to create custom maps can be very useful. Google actually offers an extensive set of tools for creating your own maps, marking routes, points of interest, route descriptions and more. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account and go to My Maps in your browser.

You should get a short tutorial with tips if this is the first time you have tried it. It is easy to set a location and mark your POIs and routes, but you can also import layers and data, color different areas and routes and much more. Your creations are automatically saved in your Google Drive and you can find them in the Google Maps app on your phone via the menu> Your places .

How to save parking location

If you use & # 39; If you are something like us, you sometimes forget exactly where you parked. Google Maps is pretty good at automatically following this, although it does depend on your location settings. You can also choose to manually save a parking location. After parking, tap the blue dot that marks your current location and then choose Save your parking space and it will be highlighted on your map. If you have an Android device, this is also displayed as a notification and you can tap it to find your way back.

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Checking traffic

You will see that the traffic analysis is now built into Google Maps and can help you find the best route and avoid traffic jams. It is enabled by default when you request a route description between two places. Red spots must be avoided, orange is a bit overloaded and green is ready. You will also see an icon to mark road works and speed cameras. You can also check the traffic when you just browse. If you go back to our change to your display tip above, you'll see Traffic listed as an option that you can always overlap.

How to check parking

It's one thing to a place, but what do you do when you arrive when you are driving? Some places in the city can be positive nightmares for parking. Fortunately, Google Maps offers parking advice for some locations. If you connect your location and view the Directions screen, you may see an icon P next to the time and distance below. Tap it and you will get an indication of how difficult it can be to park at your location. For some locations you will also see an option Search for parking space with a list of possible parking locations nearby.

Getting a ride

If you cannot find a parking space, or if you are without a car, and public transport does not take you there on time, you can always view services such as Uber and Lyft. On the page Directions is at the top an icon of someone with a taxi; tap that you see your options. You obviously need a Uber or Lyft account to use these services, but once you have an account, you can link it to Google Maps to make it easy to book a ride. If there are no options in your area, the notification icon simply does not appear.

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Asking Questions

When you tap an interesting place in Google Maps, you can open the page about it, with directions, a link to call, basic information, a website link, and often some reviews. For popular places you will also find a section Questions and Answers as you scroll down. It can be a gold mine of useful information, although sometimes you will also find strange comments there. You have the option to post your own questions to the community, which is especially useful if it is closed and you cannot make calls.

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