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How to use the app library on iPhone

The app library on an iPhone.
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The app library keeps your iPhone apps organized even if you forget it. You can even completely remove apps from the home screen and access them exclusively from the app library. Siri also prioritizes your most used apps so they̵

7;re always ready.

Access the app library

You can find the app library on the very last home screen of your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone and swipe left until you see the search bar and neatly organized stacks of apps.

At the top left you see Siri’s “Suggestions”. Siri analyzes your behavior and suggests apps relevant to that time of day. For example, if you often check the news in the morning, Siri will put your favorite news apps here at that time. These are the same Siri Suggestions you see when you swipe down to open the normal iOS search bar from the home screen.

An iOS 14 App library and search bar.

To the right of this you will also see a category of ‘Recently added’ apps, so you can quickly find new apps that you have installed. Just tap on an app to launch it immediately.

You can also tap a cluster of smaller apps to see all the apps in that category. However, it is not possible to rename or categorize these apps yourself; Siri uses App Store information to group the apps.

Search for apps

If you tap the search box at the top of the app library, you will see a list of all apps installed on your iPhone. To search for a specific app, start typing its name, category (such as “games”) or developer (such as “Microsoft”) in the search box to see relevant results.

Type app info in the app library search box.

You can also scroll through the full list of apps or use the speed dial on the right to jump to a specific letter. When you find the app you want, tap it to launch or tap and hold to see context-based options.

You can also delete apps this way. Just search for the app you want to delete, tap and hold it, then tap ‘Delete app’. This solves the pre-iOS 14 problem of losing an app in a folder you created and never being able to find it again when you wanted to delete it.


However, you don’t have to use the app library to search for an app. You can also swipe down to open the Spotlight search box and Siri Suggestions on your iPhone home screen. This is the fastest way to launch an app on your iPhone if it is not in the Dock or on the Home screen.

Use the app library to clean up your home screen

With all your apps neatly organized by Apple, you can delete anything you don’t want from your home screen to make room for larger widgets. To hide an app from the home screen, tap and hold it to open the context menu, then tap Delete App.

You will be asked if you want to just delete the app from the home screen or delete it completely from your iPhone. You can add back any apps you remove from the home screen later. To do this, tap and hold them in the app library, then tap “Add to Home Screen” from the context menu.

Note: If you don’t have space on your last home screen, newly downloaded apps will be added to the app library.

If you don’t want to comb through all of your apps, you can hide any home screens you don’t need. To do this, tap and hold an app, then tap Edit Home Screen. Tap the gray bar at the bottom to open “Edit Pages”, then turn off the home screens you want to hide.


You can also re-add your custom home screen layouts from the “Edit Pages” menu. Simply tap and hold an app and select “Edit Home Screen” from the menu. Then tap the gray bar at the bottom and select the pages you want to enable.

Just like Android’s app drawer

Apple’s resistance to a good Android-style app drawer took years, but we’re glad the company finally gave in. Not only are widgets more useful than endless screens of icons, but people can now go completely minimalist and rock a single home screen.

Where is the app library on iPad?

The iPhone received the app library with iOS 14, but as of iPadOS 14, the iPad has no app library at all. It also did not receive the new home screen widgets feature.

We’re not sure why this is the case, but maybe the App Library will debut on the iPad in 2021 with iPadOS 15. Stay tuned!

Have an app you’d rather not see in Siri Suggestions? You can hide it and other content from Siri and search.

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