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How you can share your ETA with contacts from Apple Maps manually or automatically «iOS & iPhone :: Gadgethacks

Are you here yet? When do you arrive? How long does it take before you get here? How far are you? Hurry up! When you meet someone or a group of people, you may be flooded with such messages. Instead of trying them halfway through the journey, you can send them your status from Apple Maps so that they know exactly when you will arrive and they will even receive updates if traffic stops you.

The new feature of Apple Maps is useful for keeping impatient family and friends at bay, but it is also a great way to stay safe during your trip. If the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is constantly pushed back and they cannot catch you, this may be a sign that something has happened. And when you're driving, you don't have to answer anyone, because Maps keeps them up to date, so your hands stay on the wheel.

The use of the new ETA tool in Apple Maps is also quite intuitive, but you too must be running iOS 1

3.1 or higher. It was originally supposed to appear in iOS 13.0, but was pushed back to 13.1. Once you've all been updated, you can send your ETA to as many contacts as you want and you can stop sharing updates with them when you no longer want them to follow you.

Manually share your ETA with contacts

To share your ETA with contacts, enter the desired destination and start navigation as you would normally do while walking or driving. From there, tap "Share ETA" and choose the contact or contacts with whom you want to share your expected arrival time on the map that appears.

If the person or people do not appear immediately, tap "Contacts & # 39; to search your entire contact list. To whomever you want to send it, you must be in your contacts because you cannot share your ETA with unknown numbers or e-mail addresses.

Alternatively you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen once navigation has begun to reveal more options and click on "Share ETA" in the list, select the contact or contacts that you want to share your ETA with when prompted, and you're done.

Share your Automatically ETA with contacts

If you always share your ETA with the same contact or contacts when you go to the same location over and over again, with Apple Maps you can assign them to favorite addresses, so get them ers your ETA as soon as you start navigating, without having to do it manually.

To do this, before starting a route, swipe up from the bottom to the & # 39; Favorites & # 39; to open and then press & # 39; See all. "Now tap the information (i) icon to the right of the saved address you want to share and on the screen select Details " Add Person "in the Share ETA section. Choose a contact from the list that appears or search for him or her via the search field.

How the ETA messages look at your contacts

On the other side of the coin, the recipient with whom you have shared your ETA, received requires a short message with your destination and your estimated time of arrival. If the person has received it via iMessage, he can tap the destination and open it in Apple Maps to start navigation. That is handy if they meet you in the same place, but you are not there yet. With other options, they can add you as a contact, share the address, etc.

If your contact has an Android phone, they receive the same message with your destination and ETA, but it is not possible to open the address in Google Maps or other navigation apps. In addition to these differences, recipients with whom you have shared your travel plans will also receive follow-up messages as soon as you arrive or if significant delays occur during your route, regardless of which platform they are on.

Stop sharing your ETA with contacts

Do you no longer want any or all of the contacts with whom you share your ETA to continue receiving updates? You can quickly stop sharing your arrival time with them, whether you've added them manually or it's one of your automatic contacts, by tapping their icon. During navigation, a & # 39; Share with 1 person & # 39; or & # 39; Share with # people & # 39; stand. Tap that and then tap the contact to stop sending updates.

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