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Hulu now has a Watch Party feature. Here’s how to use it


Hulu’s new watch party feature allows up to eight people to virtually watch shows and movies.


Hulu has officially rolled out its Watch Party feature to all Hulu and Hulu subscribers (no ads), allowing you to watch thousands of shows and movies on the streaming service with up to eight other people at once. The function – which Hulu has been testing since May – also lets you chat with your fellow viewers, giving subscribers another way to connect virtually during the holidays, according to a release.

Hulu’s Watch Party feature follows similar features released earlier this year Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, along with third-party extensions such as Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party), which have gained traction during coronavirus quarantines. To use the feature, everyone in the group must have a Hulu subscription (and be over 18 years old).

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Here’s how to use Hulu’s Watch Party feature with your friends:

  • Open Hulu.com and log in to your Hulu account.
  • Find a show or movie available with Watch Party. You can do this by clicking the three dots next to each title and clicking Details. If it is available for Watch Party, you will see an icon that looks like three people that says Watch Party when you hover over it.
  • Click the Watch Party icon on the detail page.
  • Click on Start the Party.
  • To invite others, select the chain icon to copy the link and send it to up to seven other participants for them to join. To join a surveillance party, click on the invite link.

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