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I mean, who wouldn’t want a $ 300,000 3D printed house? – Review Geek

The 3D printed house

You can now 3D print almost anything. A cute little robot thing? Sure. A bike? Yes. A boat smaller than a human hair? Sure. So why not a house? It turns out you can, one company did, and now you can buy it.

According to a new entry on Zillow, a property in Riverhead, NY, is claimed to be “ the world̵

7;s first 3D printed home. ” The claim itself is dubious at best as 3D printed houses have been around in a variety of forms for a while. However, what sets this one apart is the fact that it was designed, printed and built on site. It is the first to be printed for sale.

Oh, and it’s built by robots.

To be more specific, it was built by a company called SQ4D using ARCS – Autonomous Robotic Construction System – which is a faster and safer way to build houses. Typical for me I robot things there.

So the house itself? It is a 1500 square foot modern house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a detached 2.5 car garage. So it is a modest family home. It sits on top of a one hectare plot of land. It is currently listed at $ 300,000, which is on par with homes in the area. It’s just a shame it doesn’t come with its own 3D printer. You know, for repairs.

A photo of the 3D printed house

The overall look of the house is quite unique thanks to the distinctly 3D printed lines all over the exterior, although the top half is made using more traditional construction methods. Ah, nothing beats a good old-fashioned roofing job, you know?

This is the second home that SQ4D has printed, but it is the first to be built on site and built for sale. The first is in Calverton, NY, as more of a proof of concept. The most interesting thing about the Calverton property is that it was built in just 48 hours of print time in 8 days and used only $ 6,000 in materials. If that’s comparable to Riverhead ownership, that’s a pretty big profit margin.

Note: One of the images on the Zillow listing for the Riverhead property is actually of the Calverton property leading to some confusion. The image with the attached garage is from the original Calverton project.

You can learn more about both projects on SQ4D’s website, and there’s also a great flythrough video from the Calverton property on YouTube. I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to 3D print my next house.

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