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If you have Philips Hue lamps, this $ 25 accessory is a must. «The Hookup :: Gadget hacks

I received my first Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance lamps because they are the best consensus for colored light. But after spending $ 90 on two light bulbs, when it came to all small accessories such as switches and buttons, I went with cheaper third-party options. I didn't know much, I overlooked a great first-party accessory with a surprisingly reasonable price.

The Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch is extremely well priced, considering the competition. This small gadget has two strips of mounting tape on the back, so it can be installed in seconds. You connect it via the same Philips Hue app that you use with your lamps, and it has special dimmer buttons and on and off switches.

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The switch itself is magnetized on the wall plate so you remove it and use it as a remote control when you relax on the couch. In the app you can program the "ON" button to activate different scenes at the first press versus the second press, third press, fourth press or even fifth press. Simply put: every time you tap "ON", the lights switch through different modes.

There are actually only two drawbacks. The "OFF" button and the feller / dim buttons cannot be programmed to do anything other than their basic functions, and you can only use the switch to control one room or light in your Hue hub.

But it's a stylish little switch. Although is mounted on the wall on it does not extend beyond a traditional paddle switch. And speaking of, if you plan to use the Hue Smart Dimmer Switch to replace a stupid wall switch in a rental home, I would recommend covering the old switches with a Mitzvah Family Magnetic Switch Cover so that people visiting your home are encouraged to use the Hue switch

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