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If you’ve already received your $ 600 stimulus check, make sure the IRS has sent the correct amount


If you have already received your second stimulus check, make sure the numbers match your situation.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Do you have your second stimulus control yet? The majority of qualifying Americans have already received theirs, but since late last week, millions of people have been eligible for the $ 600 payment had not received it. If you’re in the same boat, you might be in a later payment cycle. Or maybe your check stuck in this IRS delivery error. But if you’d like to quickly check whether the IRS sent the correct amount, or whether you actually owe a payment in the beginning, our stimulus check calculator below can help flag any discrepancies. may need to contact the IRS.

If you’re waiting for a check and want to investigate what could be causing a delay, check out the IRS tool to see the status of your payment and then use a post office to track your paper check straight to your mailbox. Train the size of your new stimulus control can get complicated, especially since Congress has changed some qualifications who is eligible for a second round of payment. (PS This is what you need to know about one $ 2,000 Third Stimulus Check.)

For example, this time there is a lower income threshold (u need your adjusted gross income to find out) and new rules for people with “non-resident alien” status, what would avoid getting a check even if you have received the first payment. Persons from 17 to 24 years old, along with most adult dependents, were again completely omitted. If the amount in your new “$ 600” stimulus check is incorrect, you may need to try to claim a makeup check of your taxes using the IRS ‘ Refund Discount. This story was recently updated.

Estimate the amount of the “$ 600” incentive payment you will receive

To calculate how much you should receive from your second incentive payment, you need to enter:

CNET’s stimulus calculator follows the same formula that the IRS uses table your household stimulus payment. The result should be considered an estimate, not a guarantee of the IRS’s final check on you. This calculator will not store or share your personal information.

Calculate your second incentive payment

Use data from your 2019 tax return.

1. Choose your filing status below.

If you’re not filing a tax return, you want to do this

The IRS automatically sends the $ 600 second stimulus checks to the recipients, which is a two-sided coin. On the one hand, you don’t have to do anything to receive it, but on the other, you can’t do anything to correct it.

For people who don’t normally file a tax return with the IRS, our best suggestion is to get your best guess in the calculator where it will be to your adjusted gross incometaking into account the annual total of your income, this applies to older adults, Social Security and SSDI and SSI receivers, certain veterans and railway personnel. The IRS loosely refers to this group as non-affiliates.

Many non-affiliates receive the full $ 600 per person, but the calculation can be a little more complicated with the AGI of a spouse or dependent child in your household. If there is an error or you don’t get your stimulus check, you may need to file a tax return in 2021 to file a claim your share of the incentive money in a Recovery Rebate Credit.

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Second stimulus checks: everything you need to know


Don’t forget the qualifications of the second stimulus check

An interesting change is that the shift from a $ 1,200 check to a $ 600 check also disqualifies some households lowering the income threshold. The table below shows how to get to the top one AGI limit, the amount you owe will decrease.

$ 600 Second Stimulus Check Income Limits

AGI to receive the full amount (both stimulus checks)

Second stimulus check upper income limit (AGI)

First stimulus check upper income limit (AGI)

One tax file

Less than $ 75,000

$ 87,000

$ 99,000

Head of the household

Less than $ 112,500

$ 124,500

$ 146,000

Married, filing jointly

Less than $ 150.00

$ 174,000

$ 198,000

Here’s our guide to a refresher on all stimulus check qualifications. Keep in mind that each dependent child under the age of 17 will count an additional $ 600. Even if you are not eligible for a second stimulus check based on 2019 data, but you would qualify based on your financial situation for 2020, you will not receive a second check this year. However, you can get that amount as a credit on your taxes for 2020.

If you qualify based on 2019 tax data, but exceed the limit in 2020, you will receive a second check and will not have to refund it.

Some people may not qualify for a second stimulus checkeven if they received a payment in the first round. If you exceed the income limit, a non-resident alien or a dependent 17 or older, you are not eligible for a check. The People’s Policy Project think tank estimates that 13.5 million adult dependents will be excluded under the requirements, including 7.3 million students.

For more information on stimulus controls, here’s everything we know about one third stimulus check in front of possibly up to $ 2,000, and how people with payment problems can do that claim their money with the IRS during 2020 tax season (that is approximately the end of January to April 15th).

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