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Insta360’s new Go 2 action camera is about the size of your thumb – Review Geek

An action camera attached to a dog's harness.

In the world of action cameras, small size is a “feature” and the smaller you can get, the more useful the camera can be for travel and action shots. But if you go too small, you will lose other important functions such as controls, displays and larger camera sensors. The new $ 299 Insta360 Go 2 tries to solve all that with a thumb-sized camera and a case that doubles as a remote control, information display, and external charger all in one.

For all the exciting things the Go 2 does, the charging case is arguably the best aspect of the latest update to Insta360̵

7;s action camera line. Most action cameras require you to spend extra for tripods, remotes, and mounts, but the case takes care of some of that for you. It has a built-in tripod, a small display that gives you battery and storage information, and it can act as a charger for your camera even when you’re using it. And if you want it, it’s a Bluetooth remote too.

A Go 2 camera attached to a case that serves as a tripod.

But more importantly, the second-generation Go camera also sees a few improvements over the original. It’s technically bigger than the first Go, but it’s still about the size of a thumb. And that larger size led to sensor and storage improvements. The new Go 2 can record 4K 60fps video and uses stabilization techniques to turn off the shakycam effect. You can even enable horizon leveling algorithms for interesting drone effects.

The camera also comes with different mounts, a nice bonus for any action camera. You get a swivel stand, a hat brim clip, and a hanging clip, all three of which use magnets to attach to the camera. The Go 2’s lens is also removable and you can replace it with optional ND filters for better color effects.

A Go 2 camera attached to a bicycle helmet.

Naturally, the camera has Bluetooth capabilities to pair with the case for external options. But it can also connect to your camera via Wi-Fi. That’s important because it doesn’t have a display due to its small size. Instead, you can connect to your phone through the Insta360 app and view images in real time. You can even use the app to edit footage without downloading it first.

The Insta360 Go 2 is now available on the company’s website. A Minions edition will be released later this summer, featuring a skin similar to the iconic creatures from the Despicable movies.

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