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iPhone and iPad: 5 Ways to Clean Up, Reorganize & Refresh Your Device Now


Your old iPhone may feel like new after a few tweaks.


Spring cleaning is not limited to cleaning the cobwebs from the outside of your home or organizing the garage. Use this time of year as a reminder to spend some time showing love for your favorite gadgets. With just a few tweaks, you can customize your iPhone or iPad feel like new again.

7;m not talking about clean the outside of your appliance, but instead I’m talking about improving the software to make sure you have storage space and that your device is running as smoothly as possible. Not to mention the impact that subtle tweaks, like moving app icons or changing your wallpaper, can have to make your phone or tablet feel like new.

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Reset the app layout of your home screen for a fresh start

Personally, I know I’m getting bored with the layout of my home screen and find myself constantly moving an app, folder, or widget to change things up a bit. But there are times when I want to start all over again so I reset my home screen layout.

You can find this setting by going to Settings General Reset Reset the home screen layoutOnce you use this option, the built-in apps will go back to their default position and you will have a chance to rearrange or rearrange your phone.

I’ve found this often reminds me of old apps I never use, which I can then delete instead of leaving them hidden in a folder I created a while ago to hide apps I don’t use anymore. This brings me to my next tip: delete unused apps.


How many apps installed on your iPhone or iPad are you actually using?

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / CNET

Get rid of those single use apps

Not only do old apps take up precious storage space on our devices, but they also clutter your home screen and, depending on your privacy selections when you first installed the app, may check your location or check your contacts or calendars. Rather than letting an app you no longer use take up space or access your data, take a few minutes to delete all the apps you no longer use.

With the release of iOS 14, Apple changed the way you delete apps on iPhone. But instead of using the standard method, I’m going to show you yet another method. Open the Settings app then go to General iPhone / iPad storage and wait for the list to load.

Browse the list of apps installed on your phone or tablet. When you find one you want to delete, tap it and select Delete app

When I delete a lot of apps I prefer to use this method because it’s easy to see everything in a list instead of having to move from folder to folder – something that only gets more complicated with the addition of the App library in iOS 14


New wallpapers every day? Come on, I’m listening.

Angela Lang / CNET

Get a new wallpaper every day

After your home screen is free of unnecessary apps and rearranged, here’s another easy way to keep it looking fresh every day. Apple’s shortcut apps are a powerful tool for all kinds of usage scenarios, but one thing I use every day is to set a random image from Unsplash as the background of my iPhone and iPad.

Open this link on your phone or tablet and add the shortcut. After it’s added, you need to create a personal automation in the Shortcuts app from the automation tab at the bottom. Choose a day and time when you want to run it, then select Run Shortcut and choose the Unsplash Wallpaper shortcut.

Going forward, the shortcut will run at your set time (I run mine every morning at 6am) and your wallpaper will be new and fresh every day.


Check which apps or services you have subscribed to.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / CNET

Triage your current subscriptions

More and more apps are moving to the subscription model, and it’s easy to forget what you’ve signed up for. Quickly view your App Store subscriptions through the Settings app. Tap your iCloud name at the top of the screen, followed by Subscriptions

A list of everything your Apple ID is signed up for, complete with fees and renewal date, will appear after a few seconds. Tap anything you want to cancel so you can still use the app or service until your renewal date.


A few minutes of work can make all the difference now.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Do you really want to go crazy? Do this

Resetting your device settings will give you a clean slate without deleting apps or accounts stored on your phone to the tablet. This is indeed an extreme option and one that requires extra attention. But it’s all too easy to toggle a setting on or off and forget everything, all the while getting annoyed by how your device works. By resetting all of your device’s settings, you can start over.

Go to Settings General Reset Reset all settingsYou must enter your access code and confirm your decision.

Remember to tap Reset all settings and not Erase all content and settings. That option will reset your iPhone or iPad to factory settings, delete all apps, documents, and accounts on your device, and you really have to start all over again.

After you’ve given your iPhone or iPad a spring cleaning, take a few minutes to learn more about it The most useful features of iOS 14We also found a few hidden features you want to learn more aboutOf course you also need to clean the outside of your phone or tablet.

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