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IRS tool to track your stimulus control, doesn't it work for you? We have found 11 possible explanations


Do you need your stimulus money? You're not the only one.

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Visit the WHO website for the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic.

Where's your coronavirus relief stimulus check and how can you find out if it's already in the mail, emailed or sent to your bank account soon? If you've tried and haven't used the online tool IRS, called Get My Payment, to track your money or even make a direct deposit you're not alone in the first place.

Our readers and the Internet have told us that the tool does not always work as intended. We wanted to know why, and how you can try to bypass any roadblocks.

If you are eligible for a coronavirus stimulus check, but you are not using the Get My Payment portal to make a direct deposit to the IRS, it could take up to 20 weeks for the IRS to make 5 million checks a week, Congress said about two weeks ago.

We've looked at some of the common issues why Get My Payment may not work for everyone as intended. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may not apply to your specific situation. We've contacted the IRS multiple times to learn more about these issues.

In some cases, you just have to wait and try again with the online portal or wait for your check to arrive by mail instead of your bank account. If you are concerned about making rent payments or car before your promotional money arrives, or if you need information about applying for unemployment we have some extra means to

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Please try typing your address in capital letters

Now we have been unable to verify this with the IRS, but we got in touch to ask about it. Apparently, Twitter users who were unable to complete their direct deposit before could do so by capitalizing the Get My Payment fields, Mashable reports. It is definitely worth a try.

You've got it & # 39 ; wrong & # 39; Checked Time of Day

The IRS only updates the information once a day, so if you leave late for the update to come in, you may be out of luck. You can always try again later in the day or keep checking at the same time every day.

You Entered Your Information Incorrectly

The simplest reason why the IRS may not be able to match you with your stimulus payment status may come down. to your keyboard. If you accidentally entered a typo, the wrong address, or a different name than the government has under your name, the tool may not be able to find you. This is simple enough to correct – so try again before assuming the worst.

You have used Turbo Tax, H&R Block or other tax preparation apps to file taxes

Your total stimulus fee is based on your 2018 taxes or your 2019 taxes if you already have them filed with the government extended the federal tax term to July 15 .

If you file your taxes using popular tax preparation software such as Turbo Tax, H&R Block and others like millions of people (myself included), you may run into problems.

According to The Washington Post:

Several millions of people who filed their taxes through H&R Block, TurboTax and other services were unable to receive their payments because, according to the Treasury, the IRS did not have their direct deposit information. , companies and experts

The IRS and Treasury departments are aware of the problems and are working on a solution, the Washington Post also said. We have repeatedly contacted the IRS for more information.

Turbo Tax provided this statement in an email to CNET:

The bank account information for TurboTax filers is sent to the IRS as part of the tax return. The IRS has the correct bank details for all TurboTax filers who have received a refund electronically, which they can use to distribute stimulus payments. This applies regardless of whether a customer has opted to receive a refund on a debit card, selected refund or other services.

Any TurboTax customer who selects a refund or debit card and receives a stimulus payment from the IRS to those accounts will receive those stimulus payments promptly or receive fees in the account where they received their tax refund.

The IRS is responsible for determining whether the taxpayer is eligible to receive a stimulus and, if a taxpayer is eligible, how and when the stimulus payments will be made to them. The IRS would be the best source of additional information regarding their online stimulus tracking tools and payment details and timing.

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Waiting is the hardest part.

Angela Lang / CNET

You Have Not Filed a 2018 or 2019 Tax Return

If the IRS is unable to determine your eligibility in the first place, you may see an error message that says 'Payment status not available'. If the IRS does not have your tax information, this message may flash on the screen.

Your 2019 tax return has not yet been processed

If you filed your 2019 taxes before the original April 15 deadline, but the IRS had no chance to process you, it cannot determine whether you qualify comes for a stimulus payment of how much you would receive.

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Normally you do not file a tax return and your data is not in the system

You may still be eligible for a stimulus payment if you do not normally file taxes for a number of reasons. The IRS has a system for non-filers ("Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here") and those who receive SSA, RRB Form 1099, SSI, or VA benefits. The IRS recommends that if you see the "Payment status not available" message, your information may not have been processed or loaded into the system. The advice is to try again later.

You Are Not Eligible For A Stimulus Check

If you see the "Payment Status Not Available" message and you do not belong to the above group, you may not be eligible for a Stimulus Check. It may be that your adjusted gross income from the previous year is high enough that you are not eligible, or that you are in the specific age category that is excluded. We have a helpful introduction on fitness or you can consult the IRS website directly.

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You did not answer the security questions correctly

The Get My Payment tool asks you for security questions to verify your identity. Understanding the wrong things can keep you out of the system – temporarily, of course.

You are temporarily excluded from the Get My Payment tool

If you see a cryptic message that only says "Please try again later," you may be excluded from the tool.

According to the IRS: & # 39; If the information you enter does not match our data multiple times, you will be excluded from & # 39; Get my payment & security reasons for 24 hours. No need to contact the IRS . "

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Your bank struggles to keep up with demand from people checking their accounts

If you receive an error message from the IRS and turn to your bank for answers, for example, to see if a deposit has been made to your account – you may have problems viewing. Some banks reportedly have problems keeping up with the high demand especially on Wednesdays, as customers look at their stimulus money balances.

We will continue to update this story with new information as the situation develops. Meanwhile, here are ways to spend your economic stimulus money five things not to do when the corona virus quarantine ends and a new perspective on boredom during the lockdown . ]
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