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Is your third stimulus the right amount? Make sure the IRS has sent your full payment


Calculate how much of the $ 1

,400 you owe, even if you already have your money.

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Or you your third stimulus check Whether or not, it’s important that every American’s eligibility rules and calculates their own payment total. Why is it not enough to rely on the IRS? Because you possibly could missing out on money owed to you. There are a number of reasons why you may receive less money than you owe, but the only way to know is – and to remedy the situation – is to make your own calculations first.

March 24 is the IRS deadline for delivery direct deposit payments for the third stimulus check, which is up to $ 1,400. If you haven’t received a check in your bank account, you can expect it by mail instead, either as a paper check or a EIP cardIf you have calculated below how much you are entitled to, you can too track your check with the IRS’s own tracker tool and through the USPS

Our stimulus check calculator uses the IRS formula and your adjusted gross income, or AGI, and dependent information to give you a personalized estimate of your payment total, without storing your personal data in any way. When you are done, you need to know the following claim you are missing out on incentive money on your 2020 tax return (if you for example has a baby in 2020And here’s what we know about a potential so far fourth stimulus controlThis story was recently updated.

Should you have had a bigger stimulus check? Calculate your payment just in case

The Senate made a notable change to the third check before the bill was signed into law by lowering the upper limit on income to receive a check. If your AGI is equal to or more than $ 80,000 (single taxpayer), $ 120,000 (householder), or $ 160,000 (filing jointly), you are not eligible. See below for more details.

Note that this calculator should be used as an estimate only. If you think the size of the check you receive is incorrect and doesn’t match your estimate below, you may be You may have to claim the rest of your payment at a later time.

Suggested $ 1,400 stimulus calculator

Use data from your 2019 or 2020 tax return

1. Choose your filing status below.

Here’s who will get the full incentive amount and when to fully end receiving a payment, using the new guidelines officially signed into law. As the income of a person or couple increases, the amount of the partial payment decreases.Here’s our first stimulus check calculator, and here it is calculator for the $ 600 seconds check

Stimulus check income limits

Maximum of $ 1,400 per person (based on AGI)

Not eligible (based on AGI)

Individual taxpayer

Less than $ 75,000

$ 80,000 or more

Head of the household

Less than $ 112,500

$ 120,000 or more

Couple filing jointly

Less than $ 150,000

$ 160,000 or more

What if your stimulus check doesn’t match your calculated total?

There are a number of reasons why your stimulus control may be smaller than you expected – or not existed. You may receive SSDI or SSI benefits or other federal benefits that have not yet been shipped. Or maybe your payment was based on your 2019 taxes instead of 2020. Checks missing altogether can be tracked using a few different tools, and missing money can be claimed in a few different ways. Read our guide to stimulus check problems for solutions to these and other problems.

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Stimulus Check 3: How Much Money You Get


3 new dependent eligibility guidelines to know

There are three new rules for the third stimulus control that will affect you if you have dependents.

  • Each dependent counts for $ 1,400.
  • Dependents are no longer limited by ageStudents, adult children with disabilities and older adult relatives now each counts for $ 1,400.
  • Unlike the first two checks, if you cross the income threshold, you cannot receive money, even if you have dependents.

An extreme example of the latter: a single parent of four who earns $ 120,000 is not eligible, while a single parent with four dependents who earns $ 119,000 will still receive a certain amount. The amended bill also includes families with mixed citizenshipThat is, where at least one family member is an American citizen

To expand qualifications for dependents of any age According to The People’s Policy Project, about 13.5 million more adult dependents count towards their household total.

Read more: Incentive money, tax breaks for kids, older adults: Not just a $ 1,400 check

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Your tax questions answered in 3 minutes


For more information about stimulus controls, here’s what you need to know about the IRS Timeline for sending checks, what parents of babies in 2020 should do it to recoup is lacking money of the first two payments, and everything we know about a potential so far fourth stimulus control

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