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Kia and the Amazon binding offer single charging solutions for EV

One of the challenges that buyers want to buy an EV must deal with is to get a charger in their home. Most of the EV devices out there can be connected to a standard wall outlet, but it is a slow charging method. Faster charging requires a dedicated charger that drives more power to the car.

The catch is that EV buyers have to find a place to buy faster chargers and find someone who is qualified to install the charger for them. Kia wants to make the charge logistics aspect of buying an EV easier for car buyers. It has teamed up with Amazon on a single charging solution site for Kia EV buyers.

The ChargeMyKia solutions website is available here. That site shows buyers Level 2 or 240V chargers selected by Kia that will work with the car. The site also allows the user to see the procurement prices for electrical services and schedule a licensed electrician to come home and install the charger.

As writing, Amazon listed three different chargers for Kia EV owners. The cheapest is the JuiceBox 40 amp charger that sells for $ 549. A ChargePoint charger is $ 699, and a Bosch charger is $ 764.

As written, there are no Amazon certified installers in my area, so I can't show estimated pricing for installation. Amazon notes that in areas with professionals listed, they are hand-picked and must be background-controlled, insured, and licensed. Amazon also does some pros who come to your home cope with a 6-point criminal background check.

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