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Learn how to use the Zen mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro

  how to use oneplus zen mode 7 pro
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

We spend more time online than ever and between your phone, tablet and computer you probably spend the majority of your day on one screen or another. Sometimes you need a break. Fortunately, the new Zen mode does just that on OnePlus devices, so you can take the time to relax and escape the constant barrage of notifications and updates.

In this article we show you how to use the Zen mode and take the time to relax.

What is Zen mode?

  oneplus 7 pro
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It's no secret that we love smartphones. But you can have too much of a good thing and it is important to take some time away from your daily driver's screen. In recent years we have seen software that helps with this, including Digital Wellbeing from Android and Screen Time from iOS. The Zen mode is slightly different because it does not measure how long you have been staring at your screen. Instead, the only thing you have in Zen mode is 20 minutes of rest away from the constant barrage of notifications.

So actually it is a brand mode Do not disturb? Well, not exactly. Although Do Not Disturb prevents notifications from disturbing you, it does not prevent you from distracting yourself by diving back into social media apps every 5 minutes. Activate the Zen mode and your phone will be locked for 20 minutes. You can receive phone calls, make emergency calls, and use the camera app – but that's all. You will be excluded from any other app, function and service for the next 20 minutes. All notifications except calls are muted so that you remain completely undisturbed until the Zen mode ends.

It is also important to note that you cannot cancel Zen mode once it has started, so make sure you are absolutely ready before you tap Start .

Using the Zen mode

Starting the Zen mode is simple, but if you plan to use it regularly, you may want to add it to the Quick Settings in the notification shadow of your phone.

  • To do this, drag down your notification shadow by dragging from the top and drag again to open your Quick settings.
  • Tap the button Edit to edit which tiles are present in your Quick settings.
  • Swipe to the left to access the extra tiles. Then tap and drag the Zen mode tile to the left to add it to your Quick settings.

After you have added Zen mode to your Quick settings, you can easily start tapping the icon. You will then be taken to Zen mode. Tap Let's go, and then Start to get started.

That's all – as soon as you press the Start button, you will be sent to a blank screen that counts down the 20 minutes until your timeout is over. The date and time are available and you can tap to access your dialer and camera, but everything else is locked behind that blue screen until the 20 minutes are up. Use your free time wisely.

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