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LEGO’s New Spotify Playlist Will Attack Your Ears With Brick Falls – Review Geek

An iPhone with Spotify open to a LEGO White Noise album.

Play with LEGO bricks for a long time and the different sounds they make during sorting and hunting become very familiar to you. In large quantities, it is a shocking sound that you can hear all over the house. White noise, on the other hand, is a soothing and soft sound designed to drown out distractions. LEGO is new White noise album promises white noise, but we̵

7;re not sure it’ll last you five minutes.

The Spotify playlist contains seven different tracks with three and a half hours of content. You get everything from the sounds you hear when you search through a stack of LEGO blocks to a “waterfall” of thousands of bricks. It all clicks contains endless sounds of two LEGO bricks connected together.

We haven’t listened to all three and a half hours of the content yet, but our short time with the songs turned out to be distracting and not that “moment of zen” that LEGO promised. It’s a bit too much, too fast, too jarring to act as a good white noise.

You won’t find any other musical sound either. Most of the songs are just the LEGO brick sounds and each one lives up to the title promise. If you want something closer to ASMR you could give Built for two an attempt, which includes occasional page turning sounds. Wild as the wind and Night Builder is more comparable to “nature soundtracks” thanks to the added atmosphere.

If you can get through all three and a half hours of the LEGO “white noise,” we congratulate you. We love LEGO (no really, we really love LEGO), but we’re going to the sounds of the Company. But if you are interested, you can listen to it LEGO White Noise on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music (although the link doesn’t seem to be live yet).

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