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LG's premium TV series and smart home tech headline LG InnoFest MEA 2019

Smart home tech and artificial intelligence highlighted LG's annual innovation event, InnoFest, this year. Held in South Korea's connected capital, Seoul, LG showed its vision of the future home through ornate living spaces at its LG Science Park, which flapped the company's latest AI-powered home appliances and TVs.

The theme was clear. LG wants to make your life easier by making all the different units in your home make the most of your thinking. They achieve this by integrating ThinQ, LG's deep learning platform, into its range of home appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, cooling solutions and even robotic vacuum cleaners.

What makes ThinQ's branded products different is their ability to talk to each other and make proactive recommendations based on user data. The ThingQ AI enabled devices are delivered using Google Assistant and Alexa to allow voice control and support communication with other devices.

But LG's deep learning platform takes things one more step by understanding user habits through usage patterns and preparing proposals such as smart recipe recommendations based on ingredients found in your refrigerator, preventive device management instructions, or automatically turning on your air purifier on a dusty day.

Jame Lee, LG's CEO of the MEA region, is determined to relocate LG as a premium electronics brand in the region and confirm LG's "technology trailblazers" by continuing to develop its product lines and offering innovative solutions that make it customer lives easier.

Sure, LG's vision for the modern, smart home is bold, so their efforts to make AI available to a wider audience. These new devices release more attractive patterns and have new tricks up on their sleeves, but do not expect them to come cheap.

The best TVs in the market just got smarter

LG's OLED TVs are a sight to watch and have earned a number of awards, including our own Best in Class pick. This year's range looks equally impressive with updated chips and AI smarts to spruce things up. These TVs will also be the first in the region to get full support for the Arabic language.

The lead is LG's flagship OLED TV series (W9, E9, C9, B9) powered by the latest Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor that delivers the same increase in performance and color accuracy as the Alpha 9 chip, except for this gene upgrade. , takes on a more intelligent AI and deep learning algorithms to improve image and sound quality. There is also support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to sweeten the store.

Apart from the advanced OLED TVs, LG will also continue to offer its Super UHD TV series, which are now rebranded as NanoCell TV. They come in varying sizes from 49 to 77 inches and offer almost all of the OLEDs except the OLED panel and sports the Alpha 7 Gen 2 processors. The upper part of these televisions will offer Full Array Dimming Pro for uniform black levels and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

All TVs have AI Smarts that allow you not only to control the TV but other connected home appliances by just talking to your TV remote control. The TV can also make smart suggestions based on your habits.

The speakers on the LG TVs shown at InnoFest were their futuristic LG Signature OLED TV R. An absurdly thin scrolling display unfurls from a streamlined box that is also a sound bar. The panel itself is 65 inches and size 4K ultra HD and HDR. Users can choose to roll out the entire monitor or just look at the top of the attractive device and use it as a dashboard to view and control a variety of smart home devices.

Save Time on Cooking

LG also adorned its "developed" ThinQ AI-enabled home appliances, which are now even smarter, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Based on the kitchen, consumers have LG's streamlined and attractive refrigerator to look forward to what now comes with InstaView ̵

1; a mirror plate that lets you peek inside the front room with just a few buttons on the door that prevent unnecessary loss of cold air .

With AI on board, the refrigerator can snap a picture of what's inside and bring a smooth list of recipes or remind you when you need to refill a certain ingredient. If you have one of LG's new ThinQ ovens (available in glass and convection configurations), your refrigerator can send the recipe to the oven and set timers and cooking settings accordingly.

ThinQ on washing and cleaning

LG also talks to make your laundry days less boring and handle your wardrobe a little less boring. With their new TWINWash series washing machines, you can do two lots of laundry at the same time in almost half the time.

There is also a wealth of new technology in these machines that use extra nozzles to create efficient beam currents around the tub. They can come to the grittiest spots without affecting the integrity of the fabric.

Also on the display was LG's smart steam cover device known as a styler. The basic idea is to hang your daily clothes in this clear wardrobe and it uses steam and a powerful back and forth movement to keep your clothes fresh and rynkorfria.

The cooling solutions are offered continued LG's theme for simplification and convenience. The climate systems come in as wall mountings in vertical directions and are generally better for saving energy. You can also trust them to some extent clean air and also control them via the ThinQ platform. There are also mini portable air purifiers on the display that are battery powered and give you clean air on the go.

Rounding things was LG's vacuum cleaner which consisted of its cordless vacuum cleaners with 80-minute charge cycles thanks to dual battery packs and a circular disc as a robot vacuum with sophisticated sensors than can also be controlled via ThinQ.

In theory, the thought of LG ThinQ sounds appealing and even useful in certain circumstances but it requires a lot of things to go right for it to work seamlessly and it seems more wishful thinking than functional for now.

Premium household appliances for the "sensible kingdom"

Even at LG's Science Park, the company's premium LG Signature & LG Objet range of devices targeted at what LG calls "sensible rich". These state-of-the-art devices distinguish minimalist aesthetics designed to interfere with modern living spaces and are brimmed with tech.

Take the LG Signature refrigerator for example to track a giant minimal bezel screen that lets you peek in with a couple of cranes without having to open the compartment and lose expensive cold air. It also opens the door automatically when it feels that you are close and comes with modular wine cellars and bottom freezer configurations.

There is also a washing machine and dryer as well as a nice looking air cleaner in the LG Signature lineup that can detect and capture the smallest vacuum cleaners to ensure clean air circulation. But the main attraction of the LG Signature series is the scrollable OLED TV R as unfurls from a box that is also doubled as an audio field (more details above).

If you are really looking for devices with unique designs that blend seamlessly with your furniture, the LG Objet series can only be for you. This series of devices masks wood and metal appliances and can look like any other furniture in your living space. We saw a stylish sliding TV embedded in a narrow entertainment center, a sound system and a cooling unit that can pass as a nightstand or end table.

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