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Mint’s Latest Overhaul Adds Subscription Tracking and Bulk Transactions – Review Geek

The Mint app on an iPhone, next to a cup of coffee.

Mint, the app that lets you track your spending on gas, food, and other categories, just overhauled the app. Amid an update that makes Mint more user-friendly, the company introduced a few new features. Now you can see all your subscriptions in one place what you pay for when you link your credit and debit cards. And you can edit transactions in bulk to better categorize and track them.

The updated app will arrive first iOS, and Mint didn̵

7;t say if or when the new features and appearance will do that come to Android. Mint tries to categorize all of your expenses, be it gasoline, groceries, or entertainment, but you can break it down however you want. However, it used to be a tedious process as you had to categorize purchases one by one. With the latest update, you can edit transactions in bulk.

Subscription tracking should also be a welcome feature. Mint will bring all your subscriptions together in one place, no matter which card you use to pay. The app will then let you know how much you spend on all your subscriptions each month and which ones have increased in price. If those prices change, Mint will automatically notify you, which would require you to cancel sooner if you don’t want to pay the new charges.

Mint has also revised the look and the interface seems to be improved overall. Intuit now owns Mint and with this update it started to integrate some TurboTax features. You can track this year’s tax refund as a start. Mint’s goal is to be a single finance app that provides all of your information, and the latest update takes steps in that direction. You can download it now on iOS.

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