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Need toilet paper or Clorox wipes? How to get alerts in stock when you are low


Check online that the store is out of supplies.

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After two months you are still on the hunt for Lysol, Clorox wipes and toilet paper, making trips to the store seem wasted if you have already missed the stock for today. You even shopped online to see if you're lucky, only to see "Sold Out " on every product you need. Shops still sell supplies such as disinfectant sprays and wipes, because people are waiting for the stock of quarantines because of the coronavirus . So how do you know when those products will be back in? You set an alert with the store.

Or at least you try. Currently, very few retailers offer an option to set notifications when products are back in stock. It may be that stores usually sell these products in person, or simply because the run on certain items has caused a temporary interruption in their usual supply and delivery .

We've been able to find a few stores that let you know when items are back on the shelves – and many more that don't. Read on to set up product alerts and receive notifications in your email.

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You can sign up for stock alerts at stores like Walmart.

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If a product, such as Lysol spray, is not available on Walmart.com, you will see a note on the page that says Out of Stock . Click the button next to it that says Receive Stock Alert and enter your email address to be notified when Walmart receives a shipment.


If Target runs out of a product on its website, you can press a button that says Let me know when it's back . Not every product has that option, at least that's what I found when I checked it. Target's help page states: 'Exclusions may apply to high demand or restricted items', so the notification feature may not apply to products such as toilet paper and disinfectants.


If you want to install a security camera or need a laptop to work from home, B&H still has stock. However, if the desired security camera or laptop has a backorder, you can set an alert by clicking Request Inventory Alert on the page and entering your email address. Then select Let Me Know .

Websites That Help You Find Stock Products

A website called NowInStock.net lets you see which stores stock is available for immediate purchase or pre-order. The category is called Coronavirus Related Trackers and shows items such as hand sanitizers, household cleaners, toilet paper, thermometers and more. While it seems that most options are out of stock, the website tracker is updated every minute.

Another site, Supply Finder, checks the inventory of Amazon, Target and Walmart to help you find items in stock. You can see where to find essentials such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap, tissues, paper towels, cleaning wipes, disposable gloves and more.

Markk (download the app on iPhone, Android) is an emergency help finder where users can add photos and videos of essential items that are in stock in stores. When someone posts a message, it will show on a feed and the Markk card. Note that all messages expire within 24 hours to keep the viewfinder current.

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Stores that do not have alerts in stock

These popular stores did not have the ability to receive alerts in stock, the products are only available in stores or the company says it does not know when the product will be replenished.

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