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Netflix is ​​testing warnings to cut back on account sharing – Review Geek

The Netflix logo on an iPhone

One of the age-old methods of keeping up with the sheer variety of streaming services is account sharing. You are only supposed to share accounts within your household. But if we̵

7;re honest, a lot of people share with friends, neighbors, and a cool guy they’ve ever met. Now Netflix is ​​testing messages to reduce sharing outside of your household. Get ready to verify.

As first noted by The Streamable, the message comes with a stern warning and a request to verify your identity. The prompt reads, “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you’ll need your own account to keep watching.” It asks for a verification code from the account owner, sent via email or text message. If you don’t verify, Netflix will ask you to create a new account.

It’s not really a surprise. Netflix’s terms of use state that the content on the site is “for personal, non-commercial use only and may not be shared with anyone outside of your household.” The exact definition of a household is not clear. It could mean that only those who physically live at your home, or Netflix let kids away from school. The company does not say. However, the message people see says “if you don’t live with the owner of this account …” so that’s not a good sign for kids who are out of the house.

Clarity on the subject would be nice, and for now the test appears to be limited in nature. We can only find a few Tweets confirming the message, although Netflix confirmed the test in a statement to The Verge. As it stands now, if you borrow Netflix from a friend in another city, it could end soon

via The Streamable

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