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Never need a charger again with this all-in-one power bank «The Hookup :: Gadget Hacks

Whether you’re at work or just away from an electrical outlet, nothing is more annoying than suddenly having to get through your day with an empty phone.

You can bring a cable and a charging adapter, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a place to use them. You could invest in a phone with a larger battery, but they are expensive, and there’s always the chance that you’ll forget to plug it in while you sleep. Even with a larger battery, the phone’s optimization may not charge it to 100% giving you 10% or 20% less power than you would like.

Avoid the risk of a dead phone and the mess of emergency cables and invest in a ChargeHubGO + All-in-One Power Bank. This versatile power bank costs just $ 39.99, making it easily one of the best gadgets you can get at a bargain price.

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The ChargeHubGO + All-in-One Power Bank is a one-stop charging solution that fits almost any device without sacrificing mobility and convenience.

The power bank comes with a wireless charging pad and two built-in charging cables that work with devices that use Lightning and Type C connections. It also comes with a micro USB cable to charge the power bank, and that cable can do double duty by charging other micro USB devices. The 5,000 mAh battery keeps almost any device charged, wherever you are, and the durable exterior ensures that your emergency charger is never compromised.

In sleek matte black, the ChargeHubGO + All-in-One Power Bank is the reliable, portable universal charger you need to make sure you’re always connected when you need it. This charger costs just $ 39.99 and is cheaper than premium wireless chargers and power banks – with twice the utility.

Prices subject to change.

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