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NFC Wants to Pack Wireless Charging Where Qi Doesn't Fit – Review Geek

  A pair of true wireless earbuds in a case, on top of a OnePlus 8 Pro phone.
Cameron Summerson

Today, the NFC Forum (the group responsible for the implementation of NFC) announced a new specification. But instead of focusing on communication between devices, the new Wireless Charging Specification (WLC) focuses on charging your devices. And while you may think Qi has that locked down, NFC looks at your accessories that may not have charging coils like headphones and smart watches.

First, for the record, the WLC does not intend to replace or replace Qi. wireless charging. The NFC forum has not designed the specification for charging your phone or tablet. It charges a one-watt charger so at least it doesn't have a chance to charge your phone.

So what is it for then? Your NFC devices that do not fit on a Qi wireless charging coil, due to size or cost. If your headphones use NFC to pair with your phone or your smartwatch can process payments but they don't have a wireless charging coil, this specification is for you.

The WCL allows a device to use its existing NFC antennas as wireless charging antennas. So a few true wireless earbuds can keep costs and thickness down by skipping Qi wireless charging and using NFC instead. As long as your smartphone supports the stand, you can “ reverse charge '' your earbuds.

But it's not just smartphones that can handle the charging aspect. Any NFC device with enough power to power another device can join. For example, if your portable battery supports NFC, it can charge your NFC compatible smartwatch, fitness ring or digital pen.

Qi charging coils are large enough that it can be difficult to accommodate them in small devices. And it adds extra costs to the final product. The wireless charging specification works around these issues.

But the NFC forum has only formally adopted the specification today. Although the concept was announced in 201

9, full adoption is a necessary step towards implementation. It is now up to the manufacturers to investigate the WCL and choose to include it in devices. It will be a while before the specification becomes more than a promise.

Source: NFC Forum

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