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No one needs a $ 650 lamp, even if it is smart – Rate Geek

  Three Dyson Lightcycle morph lamps in a living room.

Dyson has recently announced an updated Smart Lamp and, like the first iteration of the Lightcycle Morph, costs $ 650 for the base model. The company is best known for its excellent vacuum cleaners that are worth buying. But there is no reason that someone should buy a $ 650 lamp, even if it is smart.

Now I know what you think. I'm the same person who wrote, "Yes, a $ 3000 mattress is worth every penny," so how can I say that an expensive lamp makes no sense? Hear me out; the situation is different.

Spending extra money on a mattress will improve your quality of life by giving you a better night's sleep, making you less tired all day. If you spend extra on a lamp, you will get it too. Let's see.

App control for your lamp

The Lightcycle Morph is a smart lamp, so that of course means that it has an app that you use to operate it. With the Dyson Link app (for iOS and Android) you can set schedules, control the on and off functions and let you know how old you are.

Why should it know your age? According to Dyson, as we age, we need more light to see. So for older people, the light will automatically glow brighter.

Dyson also promises to adjust the warmth of light to the time of day in your area. But not entirely, because it is assumed that every day is a clear day, so if it is cloudy or rainy or another weather that is not clear, then it does not match.

But you don't need a $ 650 smart lamp to get handy app control. Although you may not all get the same functions with other smart lamps, LEDs and light switches, you get most of these functions for a fraction of the cost.

An adjustable fixture

  A woman standing on a couch next to the Dyson Lightcycle Morph with the head shining light through the stem.

Dyson does not call it the Lightcycle Morph just because it sounds cool (although okay, it does sound cool). You can distort the smart lamp in one of the many positions & # 39; & # 39; to better use it for tasks during the day.

The head tilts, the neck turns and when you connect the head of the lamp with the body, you get a beautiful glow from the stem. I admit that the last trick is beautiful. Another great feature is an integrated USB-C charger to charge your phone, but adjustable lights are hardly new.

Although you give up the cool body glow feature, you can always charge an adjustable lamp with built-in wireless for $ 70 – almost a tenth of the price of the Lightcycle Morph. It even has a USB port, so you can charge a second device. Add a smart plug and you have replicated almost every feature we've mentioned for a fraction of the cost. And you picked up wireless charging on the go.

A long-running lamp

  A close-up of the Lightcycle Morph showing the internal circuit.
Look at all that circuit that will eventually fail. Dyson

The most incredible claim that Dyson makes about the Lightcycle Morph is that it can last 60 years. But wait a minute, the company doesn't mean that the entire lamp will last for 60 years, it's talking about the LEDs. The company says it uses "satellite cooling technology" to draw heat away from the LEDs to make them last longer. But a lamp (especially a smart lamp) is more than just a set of LEDs.

It is a & # 39; morphing & # 39; lamp, so there are hinges to consider, and also the electrical wiring that runs through the thing. And because it is a smart lamp, it is filled with circuits and sensors, so that it can adapt to your whims. That could all fail much earlier than 60 years.

Even if the hardware goes the distance, this does not mean that the app will do that. As we've seen with other smart home devices, companies sometimes drop support for products. If Dyson removes his app tomorrow, you are out of luck for smart controls.

Although a potential shelf life of 60 years sounds nice, it is also doubtful that you remove that kind of long-term use from the lamp. That is probably why Dyson only offers a five-year warranty.

Dyson's proposed 60-year period assumes that you let the lamp burn 8 hours a day. Similarly, you could buy the $ 70 light bulb every eight years (it promises 25,000 hours for its LEDs), and after 60 years you spend just under $ 500. Because it is not smart, it is more likely that it will last the entire eight years without losing functions.

The seesaw

  81 smart lamps in a giant pile next to the Lightcycle Morph
For the price of this lamp, you could buy 81 Wyze smart lamps. Wyze, Dyson

When considering smart home products, consider the pros and cons of the gadget. You will want to ask yourself questions such as "how will this make my life easier", "what is the installation difficulty?" And "do the functions justify the extra costs?" Etc.

But sometimes, you can use a seesaw. Place the expensive widget on one side of the seesaw and then ask yourself: "What more can I buy for this amount." If you can quickly come up with different answers for the other side of the seesaw that sound better, wiser, or like a wise money user, the expensive widget is not worth it.

However, if all things are equal and the seesaw finds a balance, then perhaps that is true. I indicate that for $ 650 the basic model the Lightcycle Morph is not worth it. That is the model that fits on your desk. The standing model costs $ 850!

What else can you buy for $ 650? You could buy two 55 inch 4K HDR TVs. You could pick up a decent game console. Or you can buy the Xbox One X and four brand new games.
The most ridiculous of all is that you can buy 81 Wyze smart lamps. You can give yourself, your neighbors and everyone at least one smart lamp in five streets.

And at the end of the day, you can easily replicate 80% of the functions of the Lightcycle Morph for almost a tenth of the price with a $ 70 Lamp and a $ 15 smart plug (plus you get a spare) . Unless you love the look of this specific lamp and you have money to throw away, you should skip it. Even if you love it, you may have to skip it. Some things are seen better than bought.

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